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Ambitious Brave Compassionate Awards 2019

Our annual ABC Awards celebrate those who go that extra mile to deliver exceptional care to our women, children, young people and families, provide excellent service in support roles or those that give up their time to help us.

Our award winners

The ABC Awards give us the opportunity to thank those who live and breathe the values of the Trust through their ambitious desire to be the best they can be, taking brave steps forward to improve care or being compassionate in all they do.

At the glittering ceremony on Friday 28 June our deserving winners were revealed and you can view their videos and award citations below, along with the names of the shortlisted finalists.

The ABC Awards are proudly supported by our charities. Find out more about them here:

Outstanding Clinical Team

'For a clinical team whose care truly is world-leading, pulling out all the stops to deliver the very best service to patients and their families.'

Winners - Fetal Medicine, Women’s Hospital

Award citation

This team in our opinion is outstanding. The care they have provided for my wife during her third pregnancy encompassed all the elements of the ABC awards. Their ambition to improve the care of preterm and fetal medicine services through research and innovation was evident. We witnessed first-hand their bravery when they came to the rescue and ensured the safe and efficient care of my wife and son who was born at 29 weeks. They went above and beyond when my wife had maternal sepsis - even though the team were not on duty on the delivery suite. Throughout our entire experience, as stressful as it has been, every member has shown true compassion towards my wife, me and our other children and family.  We have witnessed them live and breathe our journey and have also seen how they have helped others. They pulled out all the stops for me and my family and we will be eternally grateful.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Diabetes Homecare Team
  • Neonatal Intensive Care and Neonatal Surgical Ward

Moment of Magic

'Nominated by patients, families or friends – for a member of staff who went above and beyond to make a family’s experience really special'

Winner - Margaret Farley, Extracorporeal Therapies PICU Lead Nurse

Award citation

I would like to nominate Margaret Farley for all her hard work guiding her team in efforts to save our son Baby Woody who sadly lost his life to an incredibly rare condition aged 22 days. Not once during his short life did Margaret give up thinking of ways to treat and cure him. She remained professional and brave for everyone's sake, but demonstrated a human side which is sometimes missing in modern day healthcare professionals. Margaret ensured Woody's care was world-class and added to that was the care and welfare of us - his parents - scared, anxious and heartbroken. She helped us be fully involved and informed of his care and, during the most difficult time, helped us remain optimistic. It was Margaret's role modelling of compassion that has spurred us on to care for others and since our tragedy then we have raised over £7000 for very sick children and their families at Birmingham Children's Hospital. Thank you for everything.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Connor Bradley
  • Kimberly Bent

Outstanding Support Team

'For a non-clinical team who has gone above and beyond in supporting their colleagues to deliver the very best service to patients and their families'

Winners - ICT Team

Award citation

Over the last 12 months I have worked on numerous projects that have required the involvement, expertise and skills of the IT team. Led by David Marshall, the team always have a 'can do' attitude even when working under extreme pressure and managing competing priorities. The team have worked on some very ambitious projects with tight timeframes. Occasionally you can hear a hysterical laugh when I say we need to get that project completed in seven weeks but they go out of their way, often at personal cost (like missing birthday parties!) to work with teams to complete projects. We under estimate the impact this team has on patient care and how essential they are.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Oaklands Administration Team
  • Haematology and Oncology Secretariat Team

Unsung Hero

'For an individual or team who works behind the scenes, doing fantastic things but who may not always be recognised'

Winner - Abigail Emanuel, Supervisor, Oaklands Admin team, Forward Thinking Birmingham

Award citation

Abigail started with the Trust in September last year. She is new to the NHS and to administration. However, on interview she shone with her management and communication skills. How right we were! She has gone full force into the role of lead administrator, understanding the need of our patients’ journey from the very beginning - whether it is greeting them at reception, handling a complaint or taking a phone call. She is supportive to her own staff, as well as the whole Hub. Feedback from the Hub clinical team has been amazing! Her staff describe her as approachable and a fantastic communicator. She is a credit to the service and to her team.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Gail Alexander
  • Sue Spargo

Best Boss

'For a manager or team leader who supports, develops and cares for their teams and whose inspiring leadership motivates their colleagues.'

Winner - Bob Michael, West Team Manager, Early Intervention for Psychosis Service at forwarding Thinking Birmingham’s Finch Road

Award citation

Bob is due to retire in August after two decades of working in EIP but has never really been publically recognised for the compassionate, brave and ambitious leadership that he has shown since he became a team manager. Bob is always finding ways to improve the way we deliver care to our young people and their families. His mantra is 'what if they were my kids', providing the best service that he can through his own brilliant clinical skills or by mentoring and encouraging others to do so. He is leaving a legacy for his staff about what it means to truly be patient-centred, to care for those we look after, to be moved by their pain and suffering, to open ourselves up to that and enter into it with them, so that the healing that we are able to offer, can be known by them. There will never be another Bob.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Brodie White
  • Yvonne Heward

Rising Star

'For an individual who has been in their role a short time but who really encompasses our Trust Vales and exceeds expectations in the time they have been in their role.'

Winner - Emma Smith, Workforce Development Assistant

Award citation

Emma joined BWC as an apprentice in HR and impressed the team so much that she was successful in achieving a Band 3 role last year. She supports the HR operations team as well as Trust-wide leadership and management development and engagement activities. She is the glue that holds the teams together. Her ambition is demonstrated through her commitment to working towards CIPD qualifications, taking on more responsibility around improving sickness absence across the Trust. She is brave in her approach to external suppliers and is always negotiating to get us best value for money. She has an incredibly compassionate nature and following last September’s engagement week delivered chocolates to teams across the Trust that had helped her to coordinate the week. She needs to be recognised!

Shortlisted finalists

  • Megan Hall
  • Wasim Akram

Research and Innovation

'For an individual or team that has found creative and innovative ways to deliver their service or significantly develop research inside or outside the organisation.'

Winner - Prof Katie Morris, Reader/Consultant Maternal Fetal Medicine

Award citation

 Katie continually promotes and supports research from approaching and advocating patients, to delivering training events across the Trust and the region. She invests time and effort into all colleagues by supporting, mentoring and encouraging them. This builds confidence in their skills and abilities enabling them to participate and increase research activities to benefit patients and families. Katie not only goes the extra mile for her patients, but also for her colleagues, making them feel supported and valued. She promotes development, not only within her own field, but also amongst other professions - acting as mentor and supervisor for numerous midwives, nurses and junior doctors. She is always looking for options to maximise research opportunities for patients, promoting best practice across the Trust, region and country.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Research & Development team
  • Physio and PICU (the Move Forward team)

Service Improvement Champion

'For those who have made changes to help the Trust improve a service for patients and/or whilst reducing cost at the same time.'

Winner - Elizabeth Pendleton and Andy Tatman, Senior Paediatric Audiologist and Consultant Anaesthetist

Award citation

The Audiology waiting list for hearing tests under general anaesthetic has been extremely difficult to manage for many years, due to increased demand and lack of theatre space. The impact of the delayed assessment for patients is a delay in diagnosis of deafness and therefore a delay in treatment. Elizabeth went the extra mile to investigate and discover a problem in service delivery. She contacted Andy Tatman, a senior anaesthetist who has written sedation protocols for imaging procedures, and together they developed a new pathway for hearing tests under sedation. The result was amazing, with the waiting list now reduced from 18 months to a remarkable four. Thanks to Elizabeth and Andy,  the Audiology service achieved a huge quality improvement directly for the patients, but also to the Trust because the new pathway reduced the general anaesthetic audiology waiting list and the cost for theatre demand. Well done both.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Carla Johnson
  • Microbiology team

Volunteer of the Year

'For the most enthusiastic, passionate and caring volunteer, whose selfless contribution we would be lost without.'

Winner - Onaway Scout and Guide Group, Children’s Hospital Volunteers

Award citation

 In 2019, the Onaway Scout and Guide group will have volunteered at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for 15 years, providing caring and creative support to patients and families. They spend time preparing fun activities for their Thursday evening visits, which include distracting and occupying patients and siblings who may miss out on time to bond as a family due to long hospital stays. They adapt their activities to appeal to all ages and abilities, either at the bedside or in playrooms to ensure all children have the opportunity to have fun. Due to the risk of infection, all materials and equipment are replaced weekly and the team are committed to raising funds to continue to provide resources. They have shown courage when families of critically ill children ask for their continued support by visiting and offering comfort. They are invaluable.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Priya Sinha
  • Geraldine Dolman

Charity Champion

'For an individual or team whose commitment to fundraising knows no bounds, finding creative and inspirational ways to raise money for our organisations.'

Winners - Diabetes Home Care team, Children’s Hospital

Award citation

The Diabetes Home Care team provide care for approximately 380 children with diabetes. Every year they run a residential camp for our patients aged between eight and 15. The camp offers children the opportunity to try out a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities such as canoeing, raft building, archery, climbing, abseiling and team games. The team take part in various fundraising events to provide four fully-funded places per year for disadvantaged families or children who would benefit from the experience. The group relies on fundraising to be able to subsidise the camp, and without such donations the camp would not be able to run. The team are an absolute pleasure to work with and show real passion to improve the experience and lifestyles of children suffering with diabetes. Thank you.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Kookie Salt
  • Rachel Mason

Most Inspiring Colleague

'For an individual who passes on their wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation.'

Winner - Rebecca Furnival

Award citation

Rebecca is so passionate about her job, it truly shines through. Yesterday when a woman and her children were fleeing from domestic abuse, they literally had nothing but the clothes they were standing in. Rebecca went to the shops and purchased lots of essentials with her own money. We had a quick whip round to reimburse her, but she refused to accept the money and insisted we spend it on further supplies so that she could create care packages for other women and their children. Rebecca always ensures that she attends our ward safety huddles so she can provide help and support to staff and patients who need it on a daily basis. Her presence at the huddles has meant that we have built great relationships with the safeguarding team and safeguarding is always at the forefront of the ward staffs minds. Thank you Rebecca for helping us to deliver the best care.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Ruchira Singh
  • Helen King

Superstar Learner

For an intern, apprentice, work experience trainee or employee, who has really pushed themselves to achieve greater learning success, either within or outside the organisation or their role.'

Winner - Charlotte Smith, Clinical Apprentice Heart Investigations Unit

Award citation

Charlotte joined our team as a clinical apprentice in November 2015 working her way through a three-year apprenticeship which is now almost complete and has a Band 5 role in adult and children’s cardiology waiting for her once she qualifies. It has been a pleasure to be Charlotte’s work-based supervisor. She never complains when we have to cancel her study leave and continues to not only balance her study/work and home life but she has worked to make improvements within the department. She has a real 'can do' attitude, is hard working, fun, ambitious, friendly, and supportive. She loves her work and the patients love her. Charlotte truly deserves to be recognised for all her hard work and dedication.

Shortlisted finalists

  • Kelly Jarvis
  • Junaid Karim

Star of Stars

The Star of Stars award is for the very best of our regular monthly staff awards. This year there were three winners of the award.

Loretta Zvoutete, Midwife Antenatal Clinic, Women’s Hospital

Award citation

The 4 July will forever stick in my mind.  On this day I attended antenatal clinic to have a discussion about my medication throughout my twin pregnancy.  I got talking to Loretta about being 19 weeks pregnant, not having felt any recent movement and I wasn’t due for a scan to reassure me.  Unfortunately it was to show that one of my beautiful babies had passed away. For the entire rest of the time I was there Loretta did not leave my side; she showed the most enormous amount of kindness, sympathy and compassion I have ever witnessed. In what seemed like my darkest hour, she was my light. Without her, I honestly don’t know what I would have done she was amazing. She is an absolute credit to your team and I will never ever forget what she did for me and my husband that day. She is amazing.

Bob Maxfield, Participation and Engagement Lead, Forward Thinking Birmingham

Award citation

Bob has continuously offered me endless support throughout all of my engagement with FTB and, previously, Pause.  I’ve attended conferences with Bob and each time, without fail, he has made sure I am at ease and comfortable with getting up and speaking. He’s an absolute gem at his job and is one of the kindest people I have met. He also recently nominated me for a Star Award from The Children’s Society which I won and, if it wasn’t for Bob helping me along the way, I doubt I’d have had the confidence to accept it. Throughout his time working with me, Bob has also showed me a much kinder side to the mental health services and has helped me to find myself new friends within the participation groups as well as a new found passion for mental health.

Sarah Taylor & Clare Edwards, Renal Community Dialysis Nurses, Children’s Hospital

Award citation

Although she is incredibly grateful to everyone who cared for her son during the five years he was under our care, the two renal community nurses continually went above and beyond not only for their son, who sadly passed away at the beginning of the year, but also for Mum, Dad and older sister. In August 2016, their son, who had congenital heart disease, lost his kidneys. When their son returned home, the nurses went with the parents to train them in how to care for their son and give him his treatment at home. They were at the home on and off for the whole week until the family felt comfortable to care for their son.

Without their help, their son wouldn’t have been able to go home. They were always a phone call away and they genuinely meant this. This care continued until he passed away in January. Mum said that she loved those two nurses and that they’d always be important to her for as long as she’s alive.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Paula Forrester - Head of Nursing for Inpatient CAMHS

Award citation

Paula has vast organisational memory with 23 years’ experience and has worked in every single nursing role. She really invests in the relationships with the team around her and it’s through those relationships that she is able to deliver excellent patient care. Paula is very kind and caring, brave and courageous and has never backed out of any situation, no matter how tough. She sees the best in everyone and helps them to reach their full potential. With passion and steely determination, Paula strives for services to be excellent for today and for the future. She works collaboratively, with humility and a well-timed sense of humour. Paula has the special skill of bringing to life stories of young people and families who have struggled with mental health. She really cares about every single patient, family member and staff that walk through the doors of Parkview Clinic. She encapsulates what mental health nursing is all about and the team feels very privileged to have worked with her over the years. Paula is the heart of Parkview and has led the way in making sure that inpatient CAMHS is an absolutely fantastic place to work. She is an exemplary leader with a heart full of compassion and she truly deserves this award and many more. Congratulations on such a fantastic achievement.