Junior Volunteers (10-16s)

You’re never too young to make a difference. As part of our #iwill pledge, I will logowe invite schools and youth groups with participants aged 10-16 to apply to volunteer as a group.

#iwill is a national initiative that promotes social action, including fundraising campaigning and volunteering, among 10-20 year-olds. The Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to be part of a regional beacon site for #iwill.

About Junior Volunteering

We offer a short programme of between half a day and two days’ volunteering experience for our youngest volunteers. This may involve one or more trips to one of our hospitals, or partner mental health service for 0-25s, Forward Thinking Birmingham.

Junior Volunteering projects usually involve learning about a specific area of healthcare, off-site research and activities, peer education and/or fundraising. Groups should normally be between six and ten children. Alternatively, we welcome contributions from musical and other artistic groups who can provide suitable entertainment for our service users and visitors.

The programme operates on a principle of shared responsibility. We will provide a Designated Lead Person in Charge during group activities and provide a safe environment for our young volunteers. In return, we ask that group-led volunteers come with their own:

  • DBS-checked group leader
  • Additional DBS-checked adult supervisor, if possible
  • Letter of recommendation from the group leader (one letter may cover all participants)
  • Parental consent for all participants

How to apply

Applications for Junior Volunteering should be made by the group leader using our downloadable application form. You should have an idea of what you hope to achieve and how long you wish your project to last. Once we have read your application and considered how we might be able to support it, we will be in touch with you to discuss a project and to request some additional information.