Meet our volunteers

People volunteer at our Trust for so many different reasons and our volunteers come from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Whatever their reason for being with us, they all love being part of our vision and are committed to supporting our women, children and families.

Nelam's story

Volunteer Nelam sitting at a computer Nelam had applied for more than 80 jobs when she decided to join us as a volunteer. After several years of ill health, Nelam wanted to step back into the world of work, and having previously enjoyed a high-level career, she felt this was a great opportunity to regain her confidence and skills. She joined our Patient Experience Team at the Women's Hospital, spent time with our Fetal Medicine department and supported our annual flu drive. During her time with us, Nelam said she'd achieved a sense of belonging to something that felt good and positive and praised everyone who was working with her. As Nelam’s spirit lifted she began to apply for jobs and sure enough she became a Team Leader with the West Midlands Police Service and believes that volunteering with us was a big part of achieving a successful application. Nelam’s advice to other volunteers looking for work would be: “Don't give up, stay positive through knock backs, have enough love for yourself and never ever lose heart.”

Jessica and Rimlah step into healthcare

Jessica and Rimlah smiling and looking happy Jessica and Rimlah have been volunteering at our Children’s Hospital for more than a year; helping in our Meet and Greet area and on our wards. Both are aspiring to become doctors and wanted to gain some vital experience within a paediatric setting. Throughout their time, they have assisted with directing and escorting patients around the hospital and have also enjoyed how volunteering helps people in the community, with a unique insight into the challenges patients and families face and the support they receive. Now they encourage their peers to become volunteers and speak about the many benefits for personal development as well as a step towards your future aspirations.

Joe's volunteering journey

Volunteer Joe pictured on a wardJoe is a volunteer with us at the Women's Hospital and has had a range of experience on the Antenatal Clinic, NICU and on the postnatal wards. He studied at Leeds University and has a degree in neuroscience. As well as volunteering, he works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, in the Research and Health department and is also studying for a masters in health care and policy management.

Joe began his volunteering journey by helping our in our Antenatal Clinic, where he supported staff and patients. He now spends time on our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he supports staff and provides tea and coffee to parents. He also conducts surveys on the postnatal and transitional wards.

Joe has found volunteering enjoyable as he has had the benefit of speaking to patients, learning about their stories and seeing first hand what life is like on a ward. It has given him a greater understanding of the environment he will be working in through his career and he's made a fantastic impression on staff, patients and other volunteers during his time here.

Judith's reading return

Judith Judith has been a reading volunteer at the Children's Hospital since May 2013. Having retired from teaching after a career spanning 40 years, Judith found herself missing the children. After thinking long and hard, she decided to combine her love of children's literature with this passion for young people and rang us with the idea of reading to patients. She is regularly found on Ward 15, our oncology ward, and says that no two days are ever the same.

She said: "Volunteering has allowed me to bring care, distraction and a little of the 'outside world' to the bedside. Over the years I have felt part of the team, not just on the ward, but in the hospital as a whole too.

"I have been allowed to be creative, purchasing books for the ward, writing to authors on behalf of patients and seeing their happiness when a parcel of books arrives. I also organised for costumed dancers from the Birmingham Royal Ballet to visit the ward at Christmas and bring a little Nutcracker magic to small faces. So come and join us, you will make new friends while you work and feel a great sense of satisfaction making a difference to the lives of others, and yours too!"

A midwife in the making

Katie pictured holding a red folder and smiling Katie began volunteering at our Women's Hospital in November 2015 and has played a key role supporting our administrative teams, as well as helping our new volunteers get settled in. She's achieved a wealth of experience during her time here and believes that its played a key role in securing her place to study Midwifery at Birmingham City University.

Katie said: “I'd like to say a big thank you to Jenny, Romilly and Debbie for helping me out and giving me this opportunity, and everyone who trained me in my volunteer roles and to all of the staff on the postnatal wards. This experience has really built on my confidence and prepped me for my career as a midwife."