teenage patient in bed interacting with nurse at his bedside


Our Neurology team provides a specialist service for the diagnosis and treatment of children with neurological disorders.

Conditions of the nerves, muscle and brain are looked after by our dedicated team who support children with epilepsy, neurometabolic and neurogenetic disorders, multiple sclerosis (MS) and demyelinating disorders, neuromuscular, movement disorders and many other neurology disorders.

Our vision is to provide the healthcare needs of infants, children and adolescents with neurological disorders, advancing knowledge through research and training. Together with the local team (medical, nursing and therapy teams), we work with families to provide a customised, comprehensive care plan for each child. This can include diagnostic testing, medical management and support for children.

Contacting the team

The Neurology department provides a specialist (tertiary) service for children 0-16 years of age with neurological disorders, who are already under the care of a paediatrician or other paediatric specialist.

Your child’s hospital or community paediatrician should make the referral. We are unable to accept referrals from GPs. Together with the local paediatric team (medical and nursing team) and the GP, we work with families to provide a customised, comprehensive care plan for each child.

If your child is known to our team and you need advice or support, please call your child's consultant’s secretary via the hospital switchboard on 0121 333 999. We aim to return calls within two weeks, but this may not always be possible.

Please be reassured that queries are dealt with by the local paediatric team, GP or if an emergency by our Emergency Department.