Our current Children's Hospital and Parkview visiting policy

To protect our women, children and families from rising cases of COVID-19 across Birmingham and Solihull we will be continuing our infection control arrangements for the foreseeable future. 

Visiting for inpatients is restricted to a maximum of one designated family member or carer across all areas of the hospital, including Parkview. One adult at a time, from the same household as the child. If, due to family circumstances, the child regularly spends their time in two households, one adult from each household may visit the child at separate times.

Only one designated family member or carer should ever be on the premises of the hospital at any one time. No other family members are allowed on site during the visit.

For outpatient attendances a maximum of one designated family member or carer may accompany the patient for the appointment.

No children are able to visit.

We understand that there will be exceptional circumstances in some cases. Please speak to the person or team leading a patient's care about what can be safely done. This must be by prior agreement.

Metres Still Matter

BC Metres Still Matter Graphic

What to do when you visit us (physical distancing, hygiene)

Please follow national guidelines and wear a face covering when visiting us. You can find information and guides to make your own at home here. We will also have a number of face coverings available and specially designed coverings from our Charity can be purchased either at our hospitals or online. Please also see this advice on masks infographic from Birmingham Health Partners [pdf] 333KB.

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly when you arrive on site.

We’re making changes to how you travel around our sites. Please follow directions to your destination and signage to support physical distancing.

Metres matter – try to maintain two metres from other people whenever possible. If you can’t, keep as much space between you and the other person as you can.

Regular COVID-19 lateral flow tests are another vital way to keep you, your baby, your family and our staff safe. These tests are important even if you do not have any symptoms of COVID-19. It is currently expected that a low number of people will have a positive result without having symptoms of COVID-19 (about 1%-2%).  You can find more about lateral flow tests and where to get one on the Birmingham City Council website here.

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Support regarding special circumstances

  • Those who are exempt from wearing face masks can print the government cards to show this to staff or other patients
  • If you or the patient you are supporting has Learning disabilities, visual or hearing impairment or autism/anxiety – please let us know in advance and we will try to support you.
  • The LiveTranscribe App can be useful to download if you usually lip read – it allows live transcribing on your smartphone screen, many of our staff have downloaded it too.
  • We have ‘Dora’ Electronic Interpreter devices and in-house Interpreters to interpret for you and your carer at our hospital sites.

Remember to check the latest update on visiting restrictions. These may differ between health care settings and hospitals to suit the patient type and to help us to ensure the recommended social distancing to keep you and our staff safe.