Dr Lizzy Bernthal

Lizzy is a midwife, nurse and academic with 30 years experience in both the NHS and the Armed Forces. She is passionate that staff are supported and empowered to provide optimal innovative research based care so that patients and their families have the best possible experience with the most favourable outcomes.

Her current role as Senior Research Fellow, has given her a comprehensive understanding of the current emerging health environment, particularly through her research exploring psychological well-being and ethical decision-making.

Lizzy said “As a healthcare professional and mother, I am a passionate advocate for staff, patients and their families, particularly in light of ever-increasing financial constraints. I have not only cared for patients and their families but experienced care first hand as a patient. It is an honour to be a Governor, to represent patients and carers, to give them a voice and support the Trust to provide the best possible care and experience for its parents can carers and so remain one of the top performing NHS Trusts in UK”.

Email: SenResFellow.ADMN@rcdm.bham.ac.uk

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