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Early Pregnancy Assessment (EPAU) and Acute Gynaecology Services

Acute Gynaecology Services

The Acute Gynaecology Unit offers a fast-track service for women experiencing pelvic pain and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Acute gynaecological presentations are managed with consultant-delivered rapid-access clinics five days per week, to offer an effective and efficient assessment of serious, but not life-threatening conditions.

Most patients will usually have an ultrasound scan of the pelvis in order to examine the womb and ovaries. Some patients may require further investigations and procedures such as biopsy samples from inside the womb, smear tests, swabs and blood tests to help in the diagnosis of their condition.

Patients should be referred to the service by their GP, Accident and Emergency departments or other health professionals.

We aim to ensure that most investigations are performed at the first visit to minimise the need for repeat hospital attendances and try to ensure that a diagnosis is made within a short time frame so we can begin an effective treatment plan.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

The EPAU provides an urgent care service for complications associated with early pregnancy, including the diagnosis and management of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies and other common early pregnancy-related problems.

The EPAU is available for women who are in the early stages of pregnancy (between 6-12 weeks) and are experiencing slight pain, discomfort and possibly some slight bleeding.

The team consists of trained nurses, sonographers and a dedicated medical team with a reputation for clinical excellence in the management of early pregnancy care. The Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research is also based here.

The unit has a hyperemesis centre, supporting women who suffer from excessive vomiting or ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’ with rapid fluid and medication infusion through intravenous access. The centre will treat each patient as a day case where possible so that you don’t need an overnight stay in hospital to get the same level of care to treat and manage your symptoms.

You can find us on the third floor of our Women's hospital.

Opening Times

The service is available seven days a week.
Monday to Friday: 8.15am - 5.30pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 8.30am - 12.30pm


0121 335 8090

Director: Ruchira Singh  - 

Clinical Lead: (interim) Aamir Khan -

Clinical Nurse Manager: Donna Lee-Sharpe -