What is Switch Up?

On International Day of the Midwife, we celebrate the amazing contributions that midwives make to maternal and newborn health. At our Trust, we are committed to supporting our midwives throughout their careers, and we have recently set up a platform called 'Switch Up' to provide them with opportunities to diversify and move into new midwifery departments across our organisation.

Through our platform, we provide comprehensive knowledge on the opportunities available, including insights from our key midwives who share inside knowledge on the various midwifery careers across our organisation. Our supportive colleagues like Connie and our Professional Midwifery Advocates are on hand to support our midwives at every step of their career progression, ensuring they don't stagnate in their careers.

At our Trust, midwives are not just colleagues, but a work family who support and nurture each other through challenging times. We believe that midwifery is a life-long profession where our colleagues can continuously grow and develop at whatever level they join us at.

On this International Day of the Midwife, we invite you to join our team of caring, driven, and passionate midwives. If you are interested, book onto our next open day to learn more about our opportunities and what we have to offer.