Genetics services

We offer a comprehensive service supporting individuals and families undergoing investigation for genetic conditions. Our consultant clinical geneticists have a wide range of specialist diagnostic expertise and our genetic counsellors offer support, providing information about managing genetic conditions and the chance of developing or passing on a condition which runs in your family.

We can help you understand more about your diagnosis, its implications and can support you to make decisions and plan for the future.  Where needed, our clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors provide ongoing support, forming part of the team providing your medical care. We can also offer the pre-symptomatic diagnosis of several conditions including some types of cancer.

Our team

Our team of over 100 includes consultants in clinical genetics, specialist registrars, genetic counsellors and a team of specialists nurses. Support is provided by a large team of administrative and clerical staff. The team works closely with the West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory to provide a complete diagnostic service. We are passionate about providing the best service and care of the highest quality.


The Clinical Genetics Service works closely with the University of Birmingham and Birmingham’s Health Partners Institute of Translational Medicine. We are also excited to be involved in the West Midlands NHS Genomic Medicine Centre contributing to the groundbreaking 100,000 Genomes Project.

Teaching and education

Our clinical staff are actively involved in developing the future of clinical genetics and work closely with the NHS National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre. The Centre supports healthcare professionals in developing their knowledge of genetics, providing educational resources and taught courses supported by independent research into genetics education and training.