Group-led volunteering projects

Autumn Junior Volunteering Days

In celebration of #iwill Week (12-16 November)

All events will take place at Birmingham Children's Hospital, City Centre

What’s on offer?

A full or half-day of experiential learning and social action for supervised groups of 10-16s.

Each project actively engages young people in five key ways:

  • Introduce - Be introduced to the activities and job roles within a specific area of healthcare
  • Learn - Learn in greater detail about a particular issue or challenge within that area
  • Consolidate - A chance to consolidate and apply their learning
  • Give - Give something to benefit the ward or area - create a resource, raise funds or create a plan to inform others
  • Share - Let us know when and how they will feed back to us the results of their efforts

Why take part?

Our projects:

  • Create awareness of the diversity of healthcare careers
  • Raise aspirations and inspire young people
  • Educate natural communicators about issues relevant to their long-term health and well-being
  • Harness students’ creativity by letting them make real decisions about project outputs

What projects are available?

Projects are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Group-led volunteering projects


Date & time

What will you achieve?


Group Size


Tues 13 Nov



Learn about different forms of epilepsy and types of seizures, and how to respond to them. Think of creative ways to share what you’ve learned with your school community.

Up to 4 groups of 8

(primary or secondary)

Patient Experience

Thurs 15 Nov


Resource improvement,

Resource creation

Help improve the information we provide for patients and families.

Review one or more pieces of communication (web pages, documents, application forms etc): understand the message and suggest changes to make it clearer for everyone.

Up to 4 groups of 8

(primary or secondary)

Hand, Foot and Lower Limb Team & Plaster Team


Fri 16 Nov


(This activity can end any time between 3 and 4pm, depending on your availability)

Improved patient experience

Learn about the different types of plaster casts and how they’re used. Create ‘cast jewellery’ designs and apply them to patients’ casts in our Fracture Clinic.

1 group of 5-7 (ideally a secondary school)

Big Discussion – Emotional Well-being

Sat 17 Nov


Resource development

Learn about the activities provided in the hospital to support patient well-being. Help us build on our existing services by suggesting/ creating new programmes of activity, resources and games.

Up to 3 groups of 5

(primary or secondary)

How to apply

Please download our application form, complete and return to Hayley Kinnear, Youth Engagement Officer.

Group volunteering testimonials

“We really had a fantastic day, staff were so friendly and approachable. The practical activities involved were thoroughly enjoyed by students. I cannot speak highly enough about our experience.”
Teacher, Hillcrest School

“The event really made me think about a future career in the NHS. It made me realise just how dedicated staff are and the challenges and rewards of the job.”
Junior Volunteer

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