Helen Cox

Ward 8 Sister


0121 333 9075   

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Professional interests

  • Qualified paediatric nurse since 2003
  • Family centred care
  • Care of babies, children and adolescents with acute and chronic liver disease
  • Liver transplantation assessment and post-operative care
  • Small bowel transplantation assessment and post-operative care
  • Combined and multi-visceral transplants
  • Hepatobiliary post-surgical care 
  • Management of staffing, bed capacity, quality and safety on Ward 8

Staff Governor

Helen has been a Paediatric nurse for 15 years including eight years as a Ward Sister. She is passionate about ensuring children and families receive the highest quality of care whilst in hospital. Equally, she wants the best environment for staff to work in while ensuring that their hard work is recognised and valued, and that their voices are heard. As a parent of two children, Helen has a vested interest in our Trust and she feels that she can help to make a difference by being involved in the decision-making processes, ensuring the interests of the public are taken into account as their views and opinions can help us develop and grow as a team and a Trust. As a Trust, we take great pride in being open and honest, which are also qualities that Helen values and upholds in her day-to-day job.