Infant feeding Frequently Asked Questions

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Alcohol, Smoking, Medicines and breastfeeding

How safe is...?' - Alcohol, Smoking, Medicines and Breastfeeding

Expressing and breastfeeding a premature baby

'The Best Start' - A guide to expressing and breastfeeding your premature baby

Breastfeeding at work information for employees and employers

'Breastfeeding at Study or Work' 

Important information about breastfeeding baby

'Off to the Best Start'

Important information about bottle feeding baby

Guide to bottle feeding

Supporting close and loving relationships

Responsive Feeding Information

Guide to formula milks, includes halal, vegan, vegetarian, brands

Infant milks: A simple guide to infant formula, follow-on formula and other infant milks

Responsive bottle feeding

Infant-formula and responsive bottle feeding

Caring for your baby at night

Caring for your baby at night