Maternity Triage Assessment Unit, Delivery Suite and Birth Centre

To protect our women, children and families from rising cases of COVID-19 across Birmingham and Solihull we will be continuing our infection control arrangements beyond 19 July and for the foreseeable future.

The following guidance only applies where the accompanying person/birth partner is not self-isolating or has symptoms of COVID-19.

Our priority is to keep you and your baby safe.

This is why we are now testing ALL pregnant women who need to be admitted overnight to our maternity department. Testing is for ALL women and their birth partner, regardless of whether you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or not.

If you are being booked to attend for an elective admission (e.g. Induction of Labour or Caesarean Section), your midwife or consultant will arrange for you to have a preadmission test at our Women’s Hospital at a pre-booked time. You can find out more information on preadmission testing here.

Our current visitor policy is that one designated birth partner is able to accompany a labouring woman from arrival in our Maternity Triage Assessment Unit (in adherence with social distancing rules) and when in labour and receiving care in a single room in our Delivery Suite or Birth Centre, which includes going into theatre for caesarean section where the woman is not symptomatic of COVID-19.

If your designated birth partner has tested negative for COVID-19 they will also be able to join women who are being induced. If the birth partner leaves our site at any point they will need to have another COVID-19 negative test before they can be permitted onsite again.

Birth partners are welcome to accompany a woman following the birth from our Delivery Suite/Birth Centre to our postnatal wards for around an hour to help with settling into the ward setting. Further information on ward visiting can be found here.

We understand that there will be exceptional circumstances in some cases. Please speak to the person or team leading a patient's care about what can be safely done. This must be by prior agreement.