Michelle McLoughlin

Chief Nursing Officer

Michelle’s background is as a trained adult nurse, sick children’s nurse and district nurse. She first joined Birmingham Children’s Hospital as a Specialist Liaison Nurse in 1991, concentrating on the care and treatment of children with complex needs. In this role, Michelle’s focus was to ensure a prompt discharge into the community and a safe transition of her patients into the hands of the West Midlands community teams.

A few years later, Michelle progressed into a Departmental Manager role before moving into the position of Assistant Director of Nursing.

During her time as Deputy Director of Nursing, Birmingham Children’s Hospital became a Foundation Trust and it was after this change in 2007 that Michelle successfully became the Director of Nursing/Chief Nurse.

Michelle is an experienced Board Director who operates as a system and organisational leader. With extensive healthcare knowledge, she combines her clinical and leadership skills to put women, children, young people and families at the centre of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. As an Executive Director, she has a wide and varied portfolio ranging from nursing to facilities.

Her national profile includes being the Chair of the National Association of Chief Children’s Nurses (ACCN) and is currently the Chair for a national project focusing on safe and sustainable workforce for children and young people’s inpatient hospital care.

Michelle McLoughlin