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Patient Experience team launch brand new feedback system

Our Patient Experience team have gone live with a brand new Friends and Family Test feedback system that will give more insight than ever before into how patients use our services, what we do well, and what we need to improve on.

The new tool, which went live on 1 April 2021, was designed in-house and will allow the team to create dashboards and integrate feedback with existing systems.

With the new system, the team get real-time results and can instantly share feedback with wards and departments around the organisation. The new system includes brand-new dashboard views where each team will have a unique link that shows them a visual representation of their survey responses. They’ll also be able to see the actual feedback responses that patients and families have submitted so they can let staff know when they’ve done well and instantly know where there is work to do.

Feedback from the survey is also submitted to NHS England on a monthly basis so we can monitor how we are doing against other NHS organisations.

Feedback that comes in via the online system has so far been overwhelmingly positive with over 94% of submissions giving positive feedback but it’s important we also know where we can do better and the Patient Experience team have identified some area where we still have work to do including improving waiting times and communicating COVID-19 related changes.

If you have your appointment via Zoom you will be automatically redirected to the feedback page on our website where you can click through to take the survey, but if you have a physical appointment with us we can no longer give out paper feedback forms so your clinician may direct you to a QR code you can scan with your phone or you can also get to the system via our feedback web page

The new system is more than just a friends and family test. Our staff love getting positive feedback and the Trust can gain confidence that we are doing the right things. The new system also gives the option of nominating staff for our Star of the Month awards, so it’s a great way of shining a light on Ambitious, Brave or Compassionate care, giving teams who are doing a good job some well-deserved recognition.

One of the major benefits of the online system is that it helps the Patient Experience team to spot trends. Following feedback submitted online, the team have already arranged some deaf awareness training for staff and are currently working on arranging some autism training. They’ve also been careful to include the nine protected characteristics and the system is helping ensure we are giving the best service for everyone and have updated areas on gender and sexuality as a result of feedback. The team will be able to compare results between similar teams allowing them to learn lessons from each other and to grow and improve together.

With the new system being built in house, there is scope for further development and the team have plans for increased access and hope to allow teams to develop their own surveys. The inclusion of Patient Reported Outcome Measures will allow teams to track feedback along a patient pathway and measure outcomes to ensure we are delivering the best service. They’re also working with young people and children to co-design improvements to the system that will allow us to get better feedback from children and learn from their experiences directly instead of it coming via the filter of the parents.

The current system is just the first step in developing a platform that will give us unprecedented insight into our performance in the years to come, and our Patient Experience Team have lots more plans to improve the way we do things, including improvements to patient information and closer working with patients and families.