A promotional image for One Born Every Minute featuring three of our midwives

One Born Every Minute

Our Maternity teams and the families we care for will be featured throughout the next prime-time series of the hit show One Born Every Minute – with the first of 10 episodes airing on Wednesday 7 March.

We’ll be opening the doors and letting millions of viewers into our specialist hospital to offer a glimpse of life on our maternity unit – which sees more than 8,000 births each year.

Produced by Dragonfly, which previously put together the Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital documentary series, the BAFTA award-winning programme features members of our teams, including many of our Midwives from our Delivery Suite and Birth Centre.

This series, the first to be filmed at our Birmingham Women’s Hospital, takes us on the journeys of more than 30 soon-to-be-parents – celebrating the rich cultural mix of our city.

Sarah Jane Marsh “We cannot wait to invite the nation into our Women’s Hospital, offering viewers a flavour of the dedication, skill and compassion of the amazing teams on our Maternity Unit, who are by the side of thousands of families each year through their pregnancy, birthing journey and beyond.

“No two days are the same, and each and every birth brings a special story as babies are welcomed into the world, changing lives forever.  We are truly delighted to have worked together with our friends at Dragonfly to capture and share just some of these moments through One Born Every Minute, and to leave the families we showcase with a permanent record of this momentous time. ”

Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chief Executive of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

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Episode two snapshot

AAmy and Benmy and Ben

Amy, 23, met Ben, 29, in a car park at work. Within three months of getting together she was pregnant. Ben has been suffering from sympathy pains and cravings but knows he has to ‘man up’ for the birth – the question is, can he?

Katie and Sam

Katie and SamPrimary school teacher Katie, 29, was undeterred that Sam, 28, was her brother's best-friend when she fell for his impressive, manly beard. After losing their first son at just 8 weeks old, their difficult journey towards having another child has brought them closer together. The came to our Women’s Hospital to welcome their new baby, determined to look to the future without forgetting the past.

Nikoletta and Andreas

Nikoletta and AndreasAmbitious young doctors Nikoletta, 34, and Andreas, 31, were concentrating on their careers when a chance meeting evolved into a whirlwind, long-distance romance. Now they’re expecting their first child and Andreas is determined to be at Nikoletta's side as a father and not a doctor. But will his medical training prove too great a temptation during labour?

Episode one snapshot

Samantha and Tony

When 25-year-old Samantha met military man Tony, 29, love blossomed. Having had leukaemia as a child, she struggled to conceive and heartbreakingly lost their first daughter at 25 weeks. Hoping to welcome a new baby into the world, but, with Samantha’s complicated medical history, the birth won’t be without its challenges.

Sharon and Rav

It took a while for 44-year-old Rav to win over 33-year-old Sharon’s disapproving relatives, but he’s a family favourite now. Sharon had a very quick labour with their first daughter, this time around Sharon’s sister wants to be a birthing partner - but will she make it in time?

Rhiana and Lee

Rhiana, 26, and Lee, 30, have known each other since childhood. It was only when he stopped being a bad boy that they finally got together. They’re expecting their second son and are hoping for another textbook water birth again, but when it comes to having a baby, nothing ever goes to plan.

To catch up on episode one of the series, head over to the All 4 website.