Patient stories

Ear reconstruction case study

Find out about 14-year-old Amna and the impact that the ear reconstruction surgery we offer to all young people with ear abnormalities had on her life.​​​​​

Katie's medulloblastoma story

In 2017, two-year-old Katie was diagnosed with medulloblastoma - the most common type of paediatric cancerous, brain tumour, positioned towards the back and bottom of the brain.  

Ellie's arthritis story

Ellie Cormack was treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for juvenile idiopathic arthritis but that didn't stop her representing her country at fencing.

Millie's epilepsy surgery story

14-year-old Millie Agnew and her family have been through this journey and wanted to share their experience of the operation that separated the two halves of Millie’s brain.

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