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Family Virtual Session: Engagement and Information Meeting

The HUL Team is pleased to invite you to our first virtual parents' meeting—an information session and conversation about how our services are evolving since the lockdown, called a Family Conversation/Info Virtual Session which will be held via Zoom. 

The HUL Team will share current best practice updates, answer your questions and give you a chance to share how you would like to service to continue to evolve. 

Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020           Time: 6:00-7:30pm

We hope the event will enable you to find out what to expect from the Birmingham Children's Hospital team and you will be able to send in questions from home both before and during the session.  You will also have a chance to feedback and discuss your ideas with the team and other parents. 

If at all possible, we would like to have your questions in advance and would ask that they are of a general nature so as to maintain confidentiality.  Please send your questions to Amy Maclean by email amy.maclean@nhs.net.


There are several ways to join:

  1. Book a free ticket for your family using the booking website Eventbrite.  The link to book is here. When you book on Eventbrite your email will continue to be used to send you Joining instructions. 
  2. You can also book by simply by emailing us at amy.maclean@nhs.net to let us know your intention to join the Virtual Meeting (or calling 0121 333 8285/0121 333 8136).  We will take your email or mobile and continue to communicate with you about the event through that format.

Before the session, please make sure you have downloaded the Zoom app and check it is working (see attachment for help). At 5:45pm on Thursday 23rd July, please log in to Zoom and enter the meeting details which will be given to you following your booking.  You will then be able to participate and listen to the forum and we will answer your questions. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how to access this meeting, please email amy.maclean@nhs.net.

Depending on the success of this meeting we may plan to hold more in the future.

What we have on offer after your treatment/surgery

The HUL service is committed to not just caring for you physically, but also supporting the development of your confidence and skills as you grow into a teenager and young adult. 

Sporting and Artistic Opportunities

If you have an interest in sports or the arts, we want to support you to enjoy these and nurture your talent and skill as much as possible. 

The HUL service can connect you to a number of sports and arts activities in the city where we have developed strong partnerships. Each of these organisations is eager to support you and your family to get involved. We offer periodic taster sessions to whet your appetite for new activities and become immersed in others. Watch for your parent newsletter to advertise the days coming up soon! Alternatively, check out our events calendar.

Family Network

As part of our post-treatment offering, we're able to connect you with other families who have visited our clinic in the past. We hope this can offer you and your child some friends with common experience, as well as emotional and physical support.

We even have a Facebook group for the families: https://www.facebook.com/BCH-Hands-Foot-Upper-Limb-Super-Heros-111323160406971/ (please note this website is not run by the Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust)