Primary Malignant Bone Tumours Service

The Primary Malignant and Benign Bone Tumour Service (PMBBT), operated by our Children’s Hospital and The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, is a leading Centre for the management of paediatric patients presenting with malignant and benign tumours of bone and soft tissue.

Our joint team comprises of specialist surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, nurses and therapists trained in the diagnosis and management of this rare group of diseases.

Malignant tumours of bone and soft tissue are a rare group of tumours called sarcomas. Whilst these are rare across the age groups, they are more common in children and teenagers.

The specialist team - working at both sites - offer a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and management of children presenting with benign or malignant tumours of bone and soft tissue.

The pathway for both outpatient and inpatient is aimed  at rapid diagnosis and timely treatment in a specialised facility designated for the care of children and young people presenting with these rare conditions.

The team is able to co-ordinate the care and recovery of patients undergoing surgery to remove these tumours, often in conjunction with chemotherapy. They are also responsible for the on-going care of the prostheses often used to reconstruct the limb following removal of the tumour.

Specialist physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are also available to maximise the potential outcome for all individuals undergoing surgery through this service.


If you wish to make a referral into the service please complete the relevant form available on the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust website.

Meet the surgeons in our Service

To find out more about our surgeons, you can view their profiles on the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital website.