Restoration of services

Following the suspension of services due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, we are now starting to resume services those that we stopped and looking at how we manage those that have continued during the pandemic. Our emergency and urgent services for children, women and mental health have been available throughout this period and are still there for whoever needs them.

We’ll be contacting you to let you know when services are ready and what you need to do next.

When we do, services may be delivered differently. That could mean a video or telephone call if there’s no clinical reason for you to be seen in person.

If you do have to come to our hospitals or sites please be reassured that it is safe to do so.

The Trust has had a very low number of patients who have been unwell with Coronavirus and no cases where Coronavirus has been passed between patients which helps us to know that our stringent hand washing, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing are working well.

We have also increased cleaning in all areas.

We have taken measures to keep face to face contact to a minimum, sadly this has also included reducing the number of visitors we can accomodate but this has happened to ensure we adhere to and promote physical distancing. Our staff have the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) that they require and we have hand washing stations and sanitizer available throughout our sites.

All our departments have looked at their waiting areas to see how they can limit the numbers of patients waiting at any one time and to reduce waiting times in general by managing appointments in different ways.

Remember, you are not wasting our time. We are here for you as we always have been, by your side.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Fiona Reynolds, explains more about restoring our services in this video.

Women's Hospital specific information

Please remember, if we have asked you to come for a consultation, treatment or care it is completely safe and appropriate. Your health is our priority and we are here for you. You care is not a burden – we are caring for many women, babies and families every day. Each one needs and deserves our care and we are happy and proud to be able to provide it and be by your side.

Children's Hospital specific information

You will be able to be with your child throughout their time with us during their consultations or treatment.

Elective surgery

If you are have having a procedure we may test your child to make sure that they are safe to be admitted to our hospital, we will only do this where we feel it is necessary for your child’s care.

Forward Thinking Birmingham specific information

For outpatient attendances a maximum of one designated family member or carer may accompany you to the appointment. We will need to ask screening questions when you arrive to ensure you are safe to enter the Hub.

If you require medication support please contact your local hub and they will make arrangements for you to collect your medication from your preferred pharmacy. You do not need to come to any of our sites to collect prescriptions.