Students and work experience

Medical students

Our Oncology department actively takes part in the teaching of University of Birmingham medical students, as part of the Paediatrics Module. Teaching is provided by our expert consultant team. Medical students have the opportunity to learn about our speciality by:

  • Meeting our children, young people and families
  • Observing bedside clerking and examination
  • Participating in ward rounds and attending treatment planning meetings.

In addition, medical students are welcome to attend consultant outpatient clinics by arrangement (students should contact the Children’s Hospital’s Education Department on or consultants in advance).

We are delighted that students find time spent with us and our patients a rewarding experience. Students particularly interested in paediatric oncology have carried out a number of projects including:

  • Audit of clinical guidelines
  • Peer-reviewed case-reports
  • Laboratory research.

Please make contact with a member of the consultant team if you wish to pursue these activities. We very much hope to mentor and inspire the next generation of paediatric oncologists.

Daniel Scholfield Medical Student Profile: Daniel Scholfield

 "I have always envisaged myself working with children and throughout my pre-clinical years developed an interest in the biology and treatment of cancer, so paediatric oncology was always a natural curiosity of mine. After sitting in on a few clinics with Professor Kearns at BCH, I was quickly taken in by the specialty’s reliance on current research, along with the sensitive communication skills necessary to build a trusting relationship with parents and their child.

"I went on to do an audit on GFR monitoring in paediatric oncology protocols and managed to publish work I did on my elective in Africa in the Journal of Clinical Pathology, after the Children's Hospital put me in touch with the paediatric oncology department there. I was delighted to be placed here for my paediatric block in my final year of medical school and have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to write a case report on a rare nasopharyngeal tumour. The department is fantastically welcoming to students who are interested in the specialty and there is no better motivation than seeing audits and research that you have contributed to make a difference to clinical practice at Birmingham Children’s Hospital."

Elective students

As one of the largest centres for paediatric oncology in Europe, we offer a unique chance to learn about the management of children’s cancer. We have welcomed students from across the UK, USA and Asia. Elective students will be able to join our junior doctor team on ward rounds, attend outpatient clinics and multi-disciplinary team meetings. Students can attend weekly departmental teaching and hospital grand rounds. Opportunities to complete a short project are also available.

National and international students who wish to carry out an elective within the department should contact a member of the consultant team and the Children’s Hospital’s Education Department ( well in advance of any planned elective so that requests can be processed and accommodated.

Georgia Michou Elective Student Profile: Georgia Michou

 "I first became interested in paediatric oncology during my clinical years in University Hospital of Patras in Greece. After spending one month in Birmingham Children’s Hospital, I was convinced that this was the specialty that suited me.

"During my clinical attachment in oncology, I got involved in ward rounds reviewing patients and learning about childhood cancers. I was fascinated by the sensitive way doctors treated children and how supportive they were with children’s family. I also,  attended outpatients clinics and  participated in multi-disciplinary team meetings and grand rounds where interesting patient cases were presented and treatment plans were discussed. I was delighted to do a literature review, with Dr Mussai, on neuroblastoma treatment outcomes.

The department gives a lot of opportunities to international students to broaden their knowledge in paediatric oncology and I am glad I gained invaluable insight concerning the methods of teaching and learning in a different country."


School student work experience and observerships

We understand that school students often wish to gain some hospital experience as part of school projects or in advance of medical school applications. As students may be of similar age to our patients or issues over patient confidentiality may arise, unfortunately, it is not always appropriate to accommodate these requests. School students and observers wishing to do work experience in our department should make contact with the Children’s Hospital’s Education Department via email ( or phone (0121 333 8646).

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Did you find what you were looking for? Please rate your experience out of 5 (with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest)