Where do you fit in?

How do you want to interact with us?

Use our flowchart to work out which of our programmes best suits you, your goals and the time you have available.

Take a look at our flowchart for volunteering

Which type of volunteering suits you best?

If you’ve decided that volunteering is right for you (as opposed to Work Experience, Internships or something else), use the links below to choose between our volunteer programmes and volunteer youth-led advisory groups:

Volunteer programmes

Youth-led advisory groups

Which type of commitment suits you best?

Volunteering works best when you’re able to make a regular and predictable commitment, whether that be once a week, or in a concentrated burst. When making your application, please let us know which type of commitment works for you.

Year-round: Adult Volunteers and Young Adult Volunteers

Are you able to make a regular weekly commitment to us throughout most weeks of the year? Perhaps you are retired, self-employed, or still in education. You might work-part time, or not at all. If you’re in control of your own time and are able to commit to volunteering throughout the year, then this is the track for you.


You: 18+ (If you’re 18-25, also consider our Young Adult Volunteer programme)

Your commitment: At least two to four hours a week, for at least six months, but ideally for at least 45 weeks of the year.

Term-time only: Adult Volunteers

Maybe you’d love to volunteer year-round, but you know your childcare, holidays, part-time work or other commitments will create conflicts during the termly and summer holidays. This track is suitable for older students and adults who want to limit their commitment to school term times.


You: 18+ (If you’re 18-25, also consider our Young Adult Volunteer programme)

Your commitment: At least two to four hours a week, ideally for at least 36 weeks of the year during term time. Daytime, evening, weekend or a combination.


Summer Holidays only: Young Adult Volunteers

We are piloting a new programme for Young Adult Volunteers during Summer 2019 which has been very popular and is now full. Please check back later in the year for more holiday volunteering opportunities.”

Would you prefer to do your volunteering in a concentrated burst over the summer holidays? This track is suitable for older students (16-18) and young adults following our structured Young Adult Volunteer programme.


You: 16-25, accepted onto our Young Adult Volunteer programme

Your commitment: Two six-hour days a week, for four weeks over the summer holidays. Daytime, evening, weekend or a combination, depending on what can be negotiated.

Project-based volunteering (10+)

Are you at least 10 years old and part of an organised group? Perhaps you lead a group of young people? We offer opportunities for Junior Volunteers (10-16s) to contribute on a project basis as part of an organised group, and bespoke experiences for supervised groups of young adults through Group-Led Volunteering (16+).


You: At least 10 years old, attending as part of an organised group with at least one responsible adult

Your commitment: Will vary, but usually a project lasting between half a day and two days, or a regular commitment of this type.

Ad-hoc Volunteering (18+)

Would you like to get involved in volunteering, but can’t make a regular commitment? We are interested to hear from adults who can support our Fundraising activities and Snow Angel initiative on an as-needed basis. You can also join our Volunteer Bank to receive details of opportunities as and when we need a little extra help.


You: 18+, suitably qualified for your role

Your commitment: As needed, depending on when you can offer your time.