Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers…

  • give of their time each week or give a substantial commitment over a short period of time
  • are enthusiastic, compassionate, honest, positive and kind
  • want to do something rewarding and worthwhile
  • are just like you

Our volunteers

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Our Volunteer Service originally started as two separate entities: one serving the Women’s Hospital and one serving the Children’s Hospital. The merger of the two Trusts in 2017 has created a single Volunteer Service dedicated to enhancing the experience of patients, families, staff and visitors on both sites and at Forward Thinking Birmingham. At the end of December 2017, our hospitals' volunteer community consisted of a team of about 220 volunteers aged 18 and above, drawn from Birmingham and the surrounding region and 300 further volunteers supporting our advisory groups and fundraising teams.

In 2018, we embarked on a plan to expand our team of volunteers in both number and diversity, greatly enhancing the service we provide to patients, visitors and staff. Through our commitment to youth social action initiative #iwill, we welcomed our first Junior Volunteers (aged 10-16) and introduced a structured programme for Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs). Both programmes are designed to raise the aspirations of the next generation of health and other professionals in and around the city.

We’re still expanding: the old name for our Junior Volunteer programme, ‘Group-Led Volunteering’, now describes a new programme offering opportunities for young people aged 16+ to volunteer in small supervised groups. In total, we aim to offer around 300 designated youth volunteering opportunities each year, in addition to ‘Adult Volunteering’ places already available to volunteers aged 18+.

We are passionate about extending opportunities to everyone. We aim for our volunteer population to match as closely as possible the diverse population we serve - that of the Greater Birmingham area - by 2021. We also aim to make as many of our volunteer opportunities as possible accessible to people of all abilities.

Chart showing demographics of Birmingham

Because volunteering can provide a bridge to healthcare professions, we also strive to recruit volunteers from groups that are currently under-represented within the NHS. Whatever your background or circumstances, we’re working hard to ensure that you have access to a fantastic opportunity with us.