BWC Spirit Awards 2022

BWC Spirit Awards 2022

Our annual BWC Spirit Awards give us the opportunity to thank those who live and breathe the values of the Trust through their ambitious desire to be the best they can be, taking brave steps forward to improve care or being compassionate in all they do.

This year has seen a record-breaking 600 nominations, which reflects the incredible work being carried out across BWC; with our ‘Moment of Magic’ prize again showcasing our supernovas, who have been personally nominated by our women, children, young people and families for the memories they helped to create, which will last a lifetime.

As always, we are humbled by all of our shortlisted teams and individuals who continue to go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results. Every single nominee should feel incredibly proud.  

Our BWC Spirit Awards are proudly supported by our BWC charities. Find out more about them here:

See below a full list of this years winners and finalists.

Best Boss


Jonathan Hoffman Jonathan Hoffman, Clinical Genetics

Jonathan is instrumental to the success of research recruitment at BWC into genetics studies. His ambition is clear to see, with our Trust consistently doing well nationally in offering and recruiting our patients and families into research studies. He always has his team in his heart and mind and supports them in their time of need, offers guidance and motivation and also helps support their own career advancement.



Donna Rogers Donna Rogers, Ward 18, BCH

Donna has gone from working clinically, to taking on the role of a ward manager. Before becoming ward manager on Ward 18, she took on a huge challenge of becoming ward manager for Ward 2, which was a brand-new ward opening. She built the ward up from scratch into somewhere all her staff felt appreciated, all loved being a part of her team and the patients and families also appreciated Donna for the great ward manager she is.



Dee Smith Dee Smith, Community Matron, BWH

Dee continues to listen to staff and team managers to improve community services and has worked tirelessly to re-establish a fourth community team. Dee’s background as a Community Midwife for many years has helped her keep the focus on improving, she has an open-door approach and is always open to suggestions of improvements that can be made. She always speaks up on behalf of her team and will not rest until every patient and midwife is supported to the best of her ability.


Watch Jonathan's winner video below

BWC Spirit


Claire Pidegeon Claire Pidgeon, Occupational Therapy and Rheumatology, BCH

Claire embodies all of our values. She has shown her ambition in completing a research training project, is brave in doing the right thing for patients and is compassionate in looking after our patients’ clinical needs. For years, she has been constant at making the case for the need for a dedicated chronic pain service as well as taking on the management of long covid patients.




Gemma Holder Dr Gemma Holder, Consultant in NICU, BWH

The families of babies on our neonatal unit go through some really tough times, and sadly many do not get to take their precious babies home. Gemma always puts the families of our babies at the centre of what she does and goes above and beyond to make this difficult time as easy as it can be, and to create memories that families can cherish. She is a real credit to the Neonatal Unit.



Victoria Currie Dr Victoria Currie, Emergency Department, BCH

Victoria was nominated for creating the Stuff2Help Kitbag - a bag of useful items to be given to vulnerable young people who attend ED who may have been victims of violence. The kitbag contains items such as reusable water bottle, t-shirt, socks, sanitary products, toothpaste and brush and health and wellbeing information from the partnering charities - Red Thread, Umbrella and West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit.


Watch Claire's winner video below

Charity Champion


Zoe Birch Zoe Birch, ODP, Theatres BCH 

Zoe is an inspiring and motivated individual, when her daughter Lauren was one, she was diagnosed with L-Carnitine Transporter Deficiency, a rare inherited condition. 

Sadly, in August 2019, Lauren passed away unexpectedly. Despite her grief, Zoe wanted to do something for Lauren to honour her legacy and for other sick children. From Facebook fundraising pages, donations to completing West Highland Way Challenge, Zoe has raised over £12,500 for our charity. 

Thank you so much for being a true friend of the charity Zoe and for your amazing support.  


Andrea Jester Andrea Jester, Hand and Upper Limb Plastic Surgeon, BCH 

Dr Jester has been a true charity champion, taking the lead on delivering an incredible fashion show raising over £6,000.00. The event was a real statement about the lack of adaptive fashion for children with hand and upper limb conditions and had a phenomenal impact for patients and families by giving them a voice and making them feel both special and recognised. 

Dr Jester has also been supporting other charity appeals, such as our 10,000 steps a day Facebook challenge. 


Margaret Keeling Margaret Keeling, Volunteer 

Margaret is an exceptional and remarkable person who works tirelessly behind the scenes. Since 2015 she has dedicated vast amounts of time to our knitters group increasing funds from £5k to £25k per year. Margaret has been brave and cajoled our knitters into knitting in colours and styles they do not believe will sell but she has stuck to her plan, and it has worked. 

She is someone who is truly an unsung hero and most deserving of this award.  


Watch Zoe's winner video below

Commitment to Diversity


LGBTQ Group LGBTQ+ Network 

Our BWC LGBTQ+ Staff network embodies all the Trust Values and works strongly to support not only our colleagues, but increasingly to improve the experience of our patients and families.  

The network works tirelessly, mostly in a voluntary capacity, to ensure colleagues are supported through challenging times, provided with a safe space to be listened too and raise the profile of LGBTQ+ community so that people can come to work as their true selves. 


Dileepa Dileepa Nathavithanva 

Dil’s outstanding commitment and passion for inclusion is a credit to BWC and he always has colleagues and patients at the heart of everything he does. 

He recently volunteered to take on the influential role of Co-Chair of IDEA which enables him to support the Trust’s inclusion agenda by ensuring action is taken over at our Women’s hospital. Thank you Dil for taking on this important role, in addition to all of the other excellent work that you do! 



Jamelia Jamelia Tomlinson and See Me First 

In line with our inclusion agenda, Jamelia bravely pushed herself out of her comfort zone to introduce our See Me First Campaign, which originated in a London Trust. The campaign supports colleagues, patients and families be seen and heard beyond the colour of their skin. This invaluable initiative helps drive our commitment to an inclusive culture for all our colleagues. 

As team are incredibly proud of her efforts to champion this cause. 


Watch the LGBTQ+ Network's winner video below

Lifetime Achievement Award


Yvonne Heward Yvonne Heward, Associate Director of Nursing and Midwifery






Moment of Magic


Fidan Isafilayli Dr Fidan Israfil-Bayli, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant, BWH 

Fidan showed all her skill and expertise to care for two women who were diagnosed with a short cervix, which means there is a 50 per cent chance of their baby arriving early.  

Both women were extremely worried and needed an advanced and complex procedure involving shirodkar suture. Of the two surgeons who regularly perform this procedure, on Fidan was available. She stayed on beyond the scheduled finish time of her shift to successfully perform both sutures.  


Mary Kelly Mary Kelly, Family Support Worker, Children with medical complexities discharge team, BCH 

Mary was nominated by a mum who has twin boys, born prematurely, and who has experienced an incredibly difficult time. She described being low at times over the past 12 months as bills came through the door, while trying to continuing bringing her children to our hospital for multiple operations. 

Mary has been there for her every step of the way, applying for financial assistance on the mum’s behalf. “Without Mary by my side, I don’t think I would’ve managed,” she said. 


Sheryllin McNeil Dr Sheryllin McNeil, Clinical Psychologist, Eating Disorders Team, FTB 

Sheryllin received the praise of a patient for the way she supported them with their eating disorder. She went ‘above and beyond’ to make a difference, tackle the stigma of eating disorders and push for the early intervention, help and support. 

She made her patient feel like they mattered - not only saving their life, but giving them a new lease of life.  



Watch Fidan's winner video below

Most Inspiring Colleague


Dominic Dominic McMullen, Genetics 

Dom’s ambition has seen him locally and nationally at the forefront in developments in Genetic and Genomic technologies, and crucially in their application to help our patients and families, which for some has been life changing. Many of us have benefitted from his teaching and grown into better clinicians and scientists as a result.  

Dom has left a massive gap and it is the gap someone leaves which draws attention to just how much they contribute. 


Martin Martin English, Oncology Consultant 

Martin’s qualities as an educator who has infinite wisdom and seemingly bottomless knowledge have benefited decades of trainees, nurses, ANPs and pharmacists to name but a few.  

Despite significant personal challenges, Martin has continued to manage his patients with a fierce determination to achieve the highest standards of care. He manages the oncology department with good humour, compassion and resilience and strives to minimise the impact our working lives can have on both physical and mental health. 


Mary Mary Broad, Patient Admin Services 

Mary has been amazing in supporting and holding together the team she works in during recent challenges. Mary’s passionate communication style shows she really cares about working for BWC and always goes above and beyond. 

Mary prioritises every day and takes any challenges in her stride. If anyone deserves this award it is Mary. 


Watch Dominic's winner video below

Outstanding Clinical Team


Specialist Eating Disorder Team Specialist Eating Disorder Team 

Colleagues who run FTB specialist eating disorder team (SEDS) are all excellent clinicians who go above and beyond to provide the best possible care and treatment for eating disorder patients 0-25 and their families.  

Throughout COVID-19 to maintain important relationships, patients and families were able to access face to face appointments and physical health checks, which demonstrates immense passion and compassion. They have also developed specific packages of care to target hard to reach cohorts such as BAME patients, recognising the differences in approach for different communities. 


Antenatal team Antenatal Outpatients Team Leaders/Specialist Midwives/Admin Manager BWH 

The team are constantly seeking to innovate, examples of this include a creation of a screening pathway for parents expecting a baby with Downs Syndrome, we are now one of only two trusts in the country that offer a specialised care package.  

In addition to this, the opening of new clinics such as the Rainbow clinic in DAU has meant we are able to offer a specialist antenatal service to parents that have experienced previous pregnancy loss. Also, the introduction of the Gestational Diabetes App has meant that we are able to remotely care for women with diabetes thus improving patient experience within the diabetes service.  


Ultrasound Team Ultrasound Team, Radiology BCH 

The Ultrasound Team are always expanding the clinical service and supported the development of the contrast ultrasound service within radiology. Patients now have less invasive procedures so lesions identified in the liver can be assessed following an injection of microbubbles which supports the differentiation between benign and malignant liver lesions.  

Worked hard to introduce Shearwave which supports research and development, with the potential of reducing the need for a diagnostic liver biopsy.  

Watch the Specialist Eating Disorder Team's winner video below

Outstanding Support Team


Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry 

Clinical Biochemistry provide a 24/7 service for both hospitals, at night the department is run by only one person who handles over 100 samples. Normally this would be supported by 10 Biomedical Scientists, however due to illness, vacancies and maternity leave the four nominated people have covered the majority of nights shifts. Throughout the team have worked tirelessly to ensure service provision for the Trust, often covering shifts at very short notice. 


Interpreting Team ED Runners and Interpreting Team 

The ED Runners and Interpreting Team has been implemented to support ED staff in anyway they can this has included supporting the Early Help project - giving patients and families who are waiting information about Early Help and working with them to complete a referral to Early Help if needed. 

ED Runners have also used their language skills to ensure non-English speaking patients and families have the same access to information and support communication with staff.  


Mortuary Team Mortuary  

The care given to the babies and tissues in the mortuary is incredible. It was an honour to see such care and attention given to a baby in such sad circumstances. The attention to detail means when families come to view their loved ones, they will be in the best physical appearance, they are wrapped and dressed and spoken to as though they are still alive. They are moved as babies are treated with dignity at all times.  



Watch the Clinical Chemistry team's winner video below

Research and Innovation


Julie Menzies Dr Julie Menzies, Nurse Researcher, PICU 

Dr Menzies has brave and compassionate leadership of PPIE with PICU children & families has helped to optimise the design of local/national portfolio studies which recruit and follow up children and families when they are at their most vulnerable. This has helped to ensure that UK wide PICU studies including the NIHR HTA funded multi-centre studies PERMIT and OCEANIC studies. This has also resulted in families having choices and feeling comfortable with the processes. 


Megan Spinks Megan Spinks, Senior Mental Health Youth Practitioner, Youth Mental Health Team, MHS 

Megan alongside FTB's Youth Mental Health Team have led an amazing new project where they are running workshops in schools for parents and young people. They are offering early help and support to improve mental wellbeing and prevent students from developing mental health issues in the future. 

The workshops teach young people about mental health awareness and give them the tools to support their mental health both inside and outside of school, from learning about sleep hygiene to online safety. 


Peter Marks Peter Marks, Genetics Counsellor 

Peter has been instrumental in leading three major changes in the National Genetic Test Directory with impact for patients not just in the West Midlands but for the whole of England. As a result, in the near future, patients with a family history of cystic fibrosis and alpha 1 antitrypsin will be able to access testing for themselves via their GP.  



Watch Julie's winner video below

Rising Star


Lee Bolton Lee Bolton, Estates, BWH

Despite being an apprentice, Lee voluntary takes on the role of electrician wherever he can to expedite his progression and improve turnaround times for clinical teams. He also manages to incorporate short courses into his apprenticeship and has already started to multi-skill himself with mechanical tasks while still keeping up with his electrical tasks and academic learning. Lee is an inspiration to others, featuring in the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management's monthly journal as a case study.


Chloe Crackett Chloe Crackett, Student Midwife, BWH

Chloe was nominated by a new mum after she gave birth to a baby boy, Oliver, back in April. Oliver developed jaundice after he was born so had to stay in for a few days after delivery. Chloe spent time with mum, talking to her and reassuring her, showing compassion, empathy and knowledge beyond her years. She is described as a credit to herself, her university and the Ward 3 team.



Adam Kealey Adam Kealey, Emergency Department, BCH   

Adam joined the Trust around eight years ago as a domestic and has since worked his way through roles to soon qualify as a Nursing Associate. He has the drive and courage to progress through these roles and demonstrates daily that he is compassionate within his team and with his patients. He is very valued in the team as he keeps morale high even in the stressful and demanding environment of ED.



Watch Lee's winner video below

Service Improvement


Nicola Farmer Nicola Farmer, Induction Suite, BWH 

Nicola took on a new role of Induction of Labour Pathway Co-ordinator as part of an eight-week trial – and took the role by storm. Within a few short weeks, she had made such an improvement pathway that the role was extended to a year.   
The pathway is now much smoother for our women, the flow has been improved and is quicker. Her personality, enthusiasm, intelligence and ownership is an inspiration. 


Michelle Wakelin Michelle Wakelin, Surgery B, BCH 

Following an increase in cancellations of drug trials for Cardiac patients to see if they have Brugada Syndrome, the waiting list was growing for procedure was up to a two-year wait. 
Patients would be required to be in hospital all day, have a procedure on the ward and then require two nurses to be by the bedside.  

Now, patients are taken to theatre for the procedure rather than on the ward, reducing the reliance on two nurses being present and the total the length of stay is now around three hours. 


Specialist Play Team Specialist Play Team, BCH 

The Play team has led on the co-ordination of virtual reality (VR) as an intervention to reduce anxiety in patients before their procedures. They have upskilled and worked across services to embed this intervention, and the service has received much praise from professionals and families on their approach with adopting VR.  



Watch Nicola's winner video below

Star of the Year

Our Star of the Month award is presented to teams and individuals who fully embody the values of our BWC Family. Picking our monthly winner is never easy, so to pick an overall winner for our Star of the Year award is a near impossible task.

Our winner this year shows an incredible passion for our Trust, and for putting the needs of our patients first, as well as being an inspiration to their colleagues on a daily basis.


Mental Health Liaison and Emergency Department Teams

This team worked together to help a patient going through huge psychological traumas that led to high levels of behavioural distress and disturbance, which meant the Police had to intervene. They brought together their expertise in order find a positive solution for the patient and Police.

Watch below their winner video

Unsung Hero


Asma Murtaza Asma Murtaza, Play Worker, Ward 1, BCH 

Asma has been nominated for her care and compassion to a long-term patient, who has had an extremely tough time and, due to the nature of their condition, is unable to be away from the ward for longer periods.  

Asma discussed with the medical staff a way to allow the patient some time off the ward, supervising her while offering her the opportunity of much-needed change of scenery.  



Cath Clayton Cath Clayton, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (SLT), FTB 

Cath is nominated for her consistent, tireless dedication over the past 27 years, ensuring the needs and care of vulnerable young people with significant mental health needs and underlying social communication/Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are always at the forefront.  

Cath has been pivotal in advocating and ensuring all those involved in the care of young people admitted, particularly those with underlying ASD/SLT needs, are fully supported and understood.  



Lisa Hogan Lisa Hogan, Theatres, BCH 

Lisa always makes the effort to ensure our Theatres are able to work smoothly and safely without appearing to make the effort. She facilitates theatre maintenance with minimal impact to the service, is flexible and responsive to the department needs, allowing colleagues to accept patients into a safe environment. 

She manages several teams and pulls colleagues together to maximise patient productivity. 


Watch Asma's winner video below

Vital Services Champion


Joe and Wayne Joe Coogan and Wayne Smith, Estates, BWH 

Joe and Wayne teamed up to ensure the refurbishment of two theatres at our Women’s Hospital went without a hitch. Wayne led on the refurbishment of the obstretics theatre, which took place over 16 days, while Joe led the site on a day-to-day basis, leading the works and contractors on site.  

The works took in everything from replacing the rotting subfloor to replacing external walls, as well as lights, medical gas and electrical upgrades with minimal disruption.  


Craig Snooks Craig Snooks, Estates, BCH 

Craig organised a fundraising campaign in the lead up to Christmas to raise money to buy toys for patients on our wards at our Children’s Hospital. Craig spent a considerable amount of his own time encouraging his colleagues to donate to the campaign which, following his efforts, received more than £550. Craig then purchases more than 40 gifts, which brought cheer to patients staying over the festive period.  



Shelia Walkes Sheila Walkes, Front of House Supervisor, BWH 

Sheila's general work ethic is to ‘go above and beyond’ on a daily basis. As with many other departments, the switchboard team have had a number of covid-related absences, but Sheila has stepped up on so many occasions during this period, shuffling rosters, rehousing staff, training new staff members and, when required, stepping in and covering shifts herself. This could be Bank Holiday, night shifts or even a mid-shift, starting at 2am in the morning.


Watch Joe and Wayne's winner video below

Volunteer of the Year


Ikra Shraf Ikra Ashraf, PALS

Ikra has had an enormous impact on the volunteer service and the departments where she has volunteered. She is a committed, reliable volunteer who has proved herself to be capable of taking responsibility and shining in her role. With over 300 hours of volunteering since 2019, Ikra has proved herself invaluable to her current department to such an extent that they asked her to apply to become a bank member of staff and they now employ her in their team.


Transplant Games team BCH Transplant Games Management Team

The Transplant Games team have committed countless hours to volunteer each and every year to ensure the BCH superstar team can compete, enjoy, and most of all, celebrate organ donation at the annual games event. The team take on a huge amount of work, which is virtually an all-year round task. They organise every last detail, including sponsorship, accommodation, team kit, placing patients into the correct sporting categories, transport, entertainment and much, much more.


Beth Dennis Beth Dennis, YPAG

Beth Dennis is described by her nominator as a standout, professional individual, who is fully committed to doing more for all those at BCH, both working as a student nurse, and also as a vocal member of YPAG recruiting fellow members to volunteer at events. She is also a reliable member of the charity volunteer team which is evident from her recent 100 Hero win where she also won Volunteer of the Year.



Watch Ikra's winner video below

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