Emergency Department

Our Emergency Department in COVID-19

At our Emergency Department we are unable to provide COVID-19 tests to anyone unless they are being admitted to the Children’s Hospital.

Anyone needing testing should follow advice on the Government website.

We know that many parents are worried about putting extra pressure on the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak but it’s important for you to know that if your child is seriously unwell we still want to see them.

We understand that this may feel like a scary time but you should not be frightened of bringing your child to our Emergency Department if they are seriously unwell. Your child’s health is important to us and we have put in place a number of steps within our department to keep them safe.

The Government is clear that accessing healthcare IS a valid reason to leave your house at any time. If your child is seriously unwell it is important that we see them.

Our hospital is well prepared to look after your child’s health during what we know is a difficult and scary time.

We have taken steps to ensure that our Paediatric Emergency Department can treat all seriously unwell children safely.

We have created separate areas for the management of children with possible COVID-19 infection and those who are unwell for other reasons.

Our staff are also following strict hygiene measures in line with government guidance.

If your child becomes unwell it is more likely to be because of an illness unrelated to COVID-19 infection. It is therefore important that if your child requires urgent medical attention you bring them to see us.  

If your child is not seriously unwell but still requires medical care there are Urgent Care Centres, GPs, pharmacies and NHS 111 remain open.

Emergency Department

Our Emergency Department is one of only five stand-alone paediatric emergency departments in the country. We see children under the age of 16, and some older children who are cared for by our in-hospital specialty teams. In 2016, we saw nearly 60,000 children with problems ranging from broken bones, minor illnesses, specialist medical care for rare diseases and major trauma.

Our department has three resuscitation beds, ten cubicles, a Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) where children are seen if they are referred in by a GP. We also have a six-bed observation unit. This is used if children need to stay for short term observation. We have a multidisciplinary team in the department which includes doctors, advanced nurse practitioners, emergency nurse practitioners, nurses and clinical support workers.

The incident mix in the department is approximately 60% medical and 40% trauma patients. A wide range of medical conditions are seen in addition to the department being the regional Major Trauma Centre for paediatric trauma for the Birmingham area and West Midlands region. Acute review clinics for medical problems and minor injuries are held in the department five days a week. Approximately 2,000 patients per year are seen in these clinics.

We have an active research programme. Our department was one of the founding sites within the Paediatric Emergency Research in the UK and Ireland (PERUKI) network, and has contributed to the vast majority of multi-centre PERUKI studies to date.


The Emergency Department is located on the ground floor of Parsons House, Children's Hospital.

Contact details

0121 333 9510