Healthcare Support Workers

My place to grow a thriving career

This is my place to create a career that’s right for me, where I can learn, grow, and make a difference. When I mention an interest, I’ve found an opportunity – I feel genuinely valued and supported.

Being an HSW is one of the best stepping stones into an NHS career. I get access to personalised training, plus time to work towards qualifications such as the Care Certificate and an Apprenticeship so I get paid whilst I learn.

With regular check-ins to discuss where I want to take my career, I feel supported in my personalised path and appreciate recognition for what I’ve already achieved. I always feel I’m moving forward, and like many Care Support Workers, am on my way to becoming a Nursing Associate, and ultimately a Registered Nurse.

My place to feel at home 

This is my place to be part of a team that unlocks my potential. Our whole way of working is designed with Healthcare Support Workers (HSWs) at the heart, so you get plenty of one-on-one time with senior colleagues and have the confidence of knowing that you can speak up and be heard.

This is my place to work alongside colleagues from every walk of life. HSWs join at different times in their lives and often work flexibly to balance different commitments – but we’re all united by pride and passion for what we do.

"Care support workers are at the heart of the team, and we’d be lost without them. They become experts in different areas and have a brilliant relationship with families who value the skills that they bring every shift." -  Senior nurse, intensive care

My place to make an impact

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Trust is my place to care for thousands of people through the most important days of their lives. It’s where I get to be visible and trusted by the families we look after, so I get to see the impact I’m making first-hand.

Here, I work alongside nurses and doctors as one team. Every day is different, but in Intensive Care, families rely on me as a key point of contact – I take pride in keeping patients comfortable as well as carrying out vital tasks like ventilation or oxygen therapy. It’s a chance to get real, practical experience early in my career, supported by experts. It’s hands-on and incredibly rewarding.