Innovators and Researchers at BWC

My place to make an impact

This is THE place to be at the heart of global research and advanced clinical practice.

Our national role as a centre of expertise creates opportunities to be at the forefront of care in a range of specialisms that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

That’s why “state of the art” starts here.

Countless life-saving procedures were pioneered at BWC – from fitting the world’s first pacemaker into a three-day-old baby, performing the UK’s first triple transplant of liver, pancreas and small bowel, and achieving the world’s first separation of two twins conjoined at the spine.

It takes breadth and depth expertise for innovation to thrive. That’s why BWC is my place to change the face of modern practice - from genetics to intensive care, to foetal medicine. In children’s care for example, we’re not just Britain’s biggest maternity ward, our diabetes unit is one of the largest in the UK and our congenital Cardiac Surgery unit is one of the busiest in the country.

My place to feel at home   

This is my place to bring new ideas to life as part of a thriving team.

It’s where you can find cutting-edge data scientists and expert doctors working side by side in the country’s largest regional genomics centre. Where you will find Advanced Nurse Practitioners providing advanced care in our world-leading Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. You will find us all learning together with a team of Fellows from around the world. 

Everywhere you look, we’re working in ways that unlock potential and promote collaboration.

My place to grow a thriving career

This is my place to rise to the top of my career.

The opportunities are here – and at BWC, ‘development’ means so much more than a training course or an annual review. This is where I get hands-on experience, expert supervision, and pastoral care that give me the know-how and confidence to take my career to the next level.

"For me, BWC unlocked a passion for something I didn’t even know I had. I’ve worked in other places that seemed to put walls around opportunity. Not here – the routes to find what you love and make it happen are all open for you."  -  Advanced Nurse Practitioner