Meet the Oncology and Haematology Long-Term Follow-up Team

Long Term Follow Up Team What is your team’s name, and what do you do?

We are the Oncology and Haematology Long Term Follow-up Team. We are a small but dedicated team made up of Doctors, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and a Macmillan Health and Wellbeing Practitioner.  We provide long-term follow-up care for patients who have completed treatment for childhood cancer, to monitor their general health and provide specific surveillance for the possible late effects of therapy.

How would you describe a typical day/shift?

A typical clinic is full of adolescents who have completed their treatment and are returning for monitoring of their general health, specific follow-up investigations which depend upon the treatment they received, and education about their diagnosis, treatment and the surveillance monitoring which will be required in the future.

We prepare them for transition to the adult long-term follow-up team; which is often a huge step for both patients and their families when their care has been at BCH for such a long time. We discuss the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, including eating a balanced diet, participating in exercise and activity, and helping them make healthy choices.

What does the team enjoy most about their work?

Following patients and their families through their entire treatment journey and seeing young people grow in confidence and maturity as they take responsibility for their long-term health needs.

Making a difference to children and young people who have completed their treatment and are taking the next steps...

What’s your favourite thing about working at BWC?

No two days are alike, and you can guarantee that every day in the Long-Term Follow-up team there will be something or someone that gives you reason to smile. We work in a very supportive, friendly extended team

What achievement are your team most proud of?

Holding the first Oncology and Haematology Community Games in May 2022 and seeing over 100 patients and their families attend, try a new activity, learn a new skill and make steps towards a healthier future.

Not a lot of people know this but……

One of our team members has skydived 3 times! It is the most amazing experience whilst falling out of a perfectly serviceable aeroplane!