Midwifery at BWC

My place to make an impact

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Trust is my place to be a midwife at Birmingham Women's Hospital, Britain’s busiest maternity ward. Every day, we get the chance to impact thousands of patients as one of only two hospitals in the country dedicated to women, babies, and their families.

Midwifery isn’t just another department, it’s at the heart of what we do and drives our passion. The sheer diversity of the people we care for with specialist expertise makes it the place to be stretched and challenged.

My place to feel at home

This is my place to join a team that accepts me for me, where everyone is respected, guided, and given a place to thrive. Where our passions are shared and encouraged.

Here, I have a voice that’s heard. Leadership is compassionate and continuously listens to what we need, adjusting to aid our development, our team, and our patients. 

Babies don’t wait – so it’s never not busy – and our days can be long. But we believe in the team and can lean on each other for support. As things change in my life, I know I can keep doing the job I love by exploring options with our dedicated Retention Midwife to find a practical way forward.

My place to grow a thriving career

This is my place to be the best midwife I can be – at a prestigious Trust with a vast array of specialisms with opportunities to develop that aren’t available anywhere else.

Here, I can get the experience and skills to push my career to a level I never knew was possible. I started with a 12-month preceptorship programme and continue to take mandatory and specialist courses even today to expand my skillset. Now, I have the opportunity to give back – from showing new colleagues the ropes at the start of their careers to solving a difficult patient challenge together – we always find ways to learn from each other. 

The career pathways here are endless – at our Women’s hospital, in the community with our Home Birth team, in research roles, and in some of the UK’s leading teams in areas like diabetes, haematology, and enhanced maternal care.

"It’s easier to move roles here – they value what you need. You’re not just a number and they’ll do what they can to find you a role where you want to go. The diversity here means that anything is possible. You never hear a ‘no’, instead you get listened to and there’s a lot of trust." - Midwife