EIS Awards 2020 - NHS Supplier Information

The NHS in the Midlands Excellence in Supply Awards is your opportunity to showcase the fantastic work you do as a supplier both for and with NHS Trusts. We’ve got a range of awards designed to celebrate your achievements alongside the NHS Procurement Leaders in attendance.

Last year we welcomed over 80 of the senior NHS Leads and Heads of Procurement from the West Midlands, East Midlands and East of England for an evening full of opportunities for you to build relationships and network with current and potential clients across the Midlands region.

To find out more about each of the awards click on the title of the award below; don’t forget to download the form and get your nomination in by the deadline of 20 March 2020.

Acute Hospital Sector Award

Demonstrating how goods, service or technology that you have proven in an Acute or Clinical NHS Trust have utilised/used innovation to support a positive outcome for patient care directly and/or improved efficiency within the trust.

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Breakthrough Award

The Breakthrough Award recognises a supplier who has utilised a software solution (bespoke or off the shelve) to bring an idea to fruition, new ways of working, process improvement, an application or service that has transformed or enhanced patient care and improved efficiency within a Trust or group of Trusts.

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Innovation Award

The utilisation of innovation, either Clinical or Non-Clinical, to improve a product, create a new idea, method, technology, process, application or service can be key in transforming or enhancing patient care and improving efficiency. This award will recognise supplier excellence in innovation.

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International Sourcing Award

With staff shortages in the NHS on the rise the need to fill vacancies across all roles within the Trust has become a vital task. This award provides the opportunity for specialist service providers to submit their best example of where and how they have supported the NHS in this area in 2018 or 2019.

Mental Health and Community Sector Award

This award will be judged on demonstrating how the goods or services you have implemented into a Mental Health or Community NHS Trust have utilised innovation to produce a positive outcome for patient care directly or the environment in which they live.

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Patient Experience Award

The Patient Experience Award will be judged on and awarded for the provision of goods or services that have enhanced the patient experience. This could be in a hospital, out in the community or in a mental health setting.

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Small Business Award

This award is open to Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) as defined by the European Commission  <250 employees with turnover <£40m. To win this award, the supplier must demonstrate how they have maintained consistent growth and strong financial performance, whilst making a significant contribution to the Trust(s) they supply to.

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Support Services Award

This award is aimed at companies who provide support to the NHS in order to help maintain quality of service. Previous finalists have included interpreter services, IT consulting/support services and consultant psychologists.

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Sustainable Development Award

This award recognises initiatives that have been developed to minimize supplier impact on the environment. For example, suppliers could demonstrate initiatives that have reduced carbon emissions, transport, packaging or energy. Your submission must address one or more of these Three Pillars of Sustainability.

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Value Based Procurement Award

This award is open to suppliers who can demonstrate that they have supplied a product or service to a Trust in the Midlands delivering “value” through; reduced total pathway costs; quantifiable efficiency improvements; quantifiable direct or indirect benefits to patient outcomes.

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NHS Supplier Engagement

Suppliers are asked to nominate an NHS procurement team from within the Midlands who has developed and enhanced collaborative working relationship with suppliers.

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Rules and Eligibility

  • The awards are open to any business which currently supplies goods, works or services to Trusts in the Midlands or East of England
  • The deadline for entries is 27 March 2020
  • The shortlist will be announced in April 2020 with the awards taking place on Thursday 14 May
  • Suppliers can enter for more than one category providing a different project is used for each nomination
  • Each award submission will entitle the supplier to purchase one ticket to the Awards evening, this is regardless of whether you make the final three or not, unfortunately, due to numbers we need to cap this at two tickets per supplier.

The initiative must meet the award criteria set out in the award description. Higher marks will be awarded where evidence or data is provided, and results are supported. Due to the word limit for the submission, you will also be able to provide one side of A4 supporting information should you require. This must be 12pt single line spaced and the information should be directly related to your submission.