Nursing at BWC

My place to make an impact

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Trust is my place to make the biggest difference I can for women, children, and young people – not just in Birmingham but across the country. There’s a pride in knowing that we offer some of the most advanced care in the country. 

It’s why so many of us not only say it’s a privilege to work here, but proudly recommend friends and family to be treated here.

It can be a tough job. But working in a place that helps me work flexibly with schemes like team-based rostering means I’ve been able to stay in a role I love, manage commitments, and start the day fresh for the next challenge.

My place to feel at home

This is my place to feel truly part of a team, where my colleagues go out of their way to help each other. That’s what makes BWC so special.

It takes a lot to be a nurse. But even on the toughest days and nights, I know I’ve got a team caring for me so I can care for others. It’s a cliché, but it feels like family – from the cup of tea at just the right time, to knowing you can be yourself and share ideas.

"I’m just so proud of our team. We work so well together, and I couldn’t wish for anything better. It can be tough sometimes, but I don’t know where else I’d rather be. When it comes down to the seriousness of what we do, you have a team behind you that helps you do what you’ve got to do. It’s the best thing." - Theatre Nurse

My place to grow a thriving career

This is my place to learn the way I want to learn. Where learning isn’t one size fits all.

There’s opportunity everywhere – and people to help you find it. From secondments, jobs in educational roles, different specialties, and opportunities for rotational posts – there are hundreds of opportunities to help you find your passion.

As a newly qualified nurse, you’ll be supported with a unique education pathway designed to extend your clinical skills, build confidence, and support your wellbeing, resilience and interpersonal skills. After a period of preceptorship and development to further your skills, you’ll support and teach others with the support of senior colleagues.

"BWC helped me take control of my career and get there faster. Becoming an Advanced Practitioner in Intensive Care and the Emergency Department helped me see where my career could take me – now, I’m developing my leadership skills with a University-backed programme that’s preparing me for the next challenge."

So, whether you are looking for opportunities for a clinical or research career, or aspire to be a nursing leader, you’ll get the chance to care, learn, and lead at BWC.