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Surinder Bassan Case Study

Surinder Bassan – Clinical Support Worker
Outpatients, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Surinder Bassan Radiating warmth and oozing friendliness, Surinder Bassan, is the first face that greets the thousands of patients that come for an Outpatients appointment.

Surinder joined the BWC team in 2009, taking on the newly-created role of Housekeeper – an important role co-ordinating all the supplies needed for the clinical team to be able to respond to any given situation - and that step kick-started what has become a 14-year career in healthcare.

Surinder was the first housekeeper in the Emergency Department at our Children’s Hospital and her drive, enthusiasm and problem-solving nature saw her quickly become an integral part of the team.

Landing the job as Housekeeper was a defining moment for Surinder, who had not previously worked, instead had spent her time raising her four wonderful children – two of which have gone on to have their own careers in the NHS.

It was in the Emergency Department where Surinder found her calling. After 18 months in this role she made the decision to pursue a more hands-on patient care role moving to the role of Clinical Support Worker in Children’s Outpatients – and she’s never looked back.

Surinder’s career has since blossomed achieving many science-based qualifications through the Open University course as well as training in more holistic therapies such as yoga and Reiki, which she credits with keeping her working life well-balanced.

“I had never worked before,” explains Surinder. “I had stayed at home to raise my family but I wanted to do something for me. I am a positive person but felt that I needed to get out into the world and contribute to society and achieve something.

“I absolutely loved my role as housekeeper; it gave me such an insight into the hospital but I wanted to have more interaction and connection with patients, and now I have the best job I could ever wish for.

“Working in Outpatients is so heart-warming. I get to welcome the children and their parents and show them a calm and warm smile and a face to show reassurance.

“We have many patients who come to regular appointments and it’s lovely to be able to see them improve and get better on their recovery journey. It’s the connection with people that mean the most to me. It has been a real tonic working in the Trust, and this department especially, because I have felt a very important part of the team.

“I am nearly 60 and will retire in the next few years but I do love this place and will miss it, especially my co-workers who are more like my second family! 

“This place gave me confidence to become a better version of myself. I have been lucky and fortunate enough to have worked because I ‘wanted to’ and not because I ‘had to’ but I still need life to be meaningful and I really do feel fulfilled by working for the NHS.”

Kelly Price Case Study

Career Case Study: Health Care Assistant, Kelly Price

Our Women's Hospital is renowned for its dedicated colleagues who play a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of our patients and specialist expertise in complex birth and fertility treatment.

Among the compassionate individuals making a difference is Kelly Price, a valued Health Care Assistant (HCA) at our Fertility Centre at Birmingham Women’s Hospital - the only NHS-based specialist fertility centre in Birmingham and West Midlands.

Kelly joined BWC in February 2017 as a receptionist and has been supported to grow a career into direct patient care.

"I was working in theatres at a hospital in Droitwich and wanted something a bit closer to home,” explains Kelly. “I saw a receptionist post for Fetal Medicine at the Women's Hospital, and I thought if I started there, I could potentially move to other departments if opportunities arose."

Although enjoying her new role, Kelly quickly discovered the fulfilling nature of being a Health Care Assistant, and sought out an opportunity to become an HCA using her receptionist experience at our Women’s Hospital to learn more about the role.

In February 2018, Kelly’s ambition was rewarded, when she was offered a position as an HCA in the Fertility Centre - a multidimensional and patient centric role – providing her a place to achieve her personal and professional aspirations.

She explained: "We are heavily involved with patients here - we witness every aspect of their journey throughout their treatment.

“Our responsibilities include chaperoning nurses during clinic appointments and doctors during scans. We ensure the procedure rooms are well-stocked for our medical colleagues and take any samples to the labs.

"During embryo transfers, we scan patients to assist doctors and nurses, ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible during what is a very intimate procedure.
We complete the relevant documentation and create information packs for the patients’ notes and their personal use.

“For me, the most rewarding part of my job is providing comfort and support to patients, whether it's lending a listening ear, offering a shoulder to cry on, or simply providing a reassuring smile. We support during recovery – on hand with plenty of tea and toast – and we help answer patient queries on the nurse advice line.”

Like many others at BWC, Kelly takes pride in being a familiar face, offering emotional and physical support when needed, building strong relationships with both new and returning patients.

For Kelly, it’s the dedication, compassion and camaraderie that makes our Women’s Hospital the place to be an HCA: "Our team is one of a kind - we have embryologists, nurses, doctors, andrologists, admin staff, and HCAs who all work together seamlessly. We are always ready to help and support each other, so there’s a fabulous team dynamic."

“I love being an HCA. It not only provides me with a really solid foundation for potential career progression, but there’s also opportunities for further qualifications. The satisfaction I get from making a positive impact on patients' lives is truly rewarding."

If you want to be at the heart of brilliant care for women, children and young people where innovation, compassion, and opportunity meet to help transform lives, check out careers at BWC.

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