Scientists, Technical

and Pharmaceutical

Whether they are involved in the diagnosis of disease, or monitoring and researching the impact of treatment healthcare scientists are a crucial part of the team.

Here are BWC we have a range of healthcare scientists helping us to provide world-class care through performing ultrasound scans, magnetic resonance (MRI), optical imaging or clinical photography to explore, measure and record.

There are many fields and hundreds of roles within healthcare sciences and biomedical engineering.

We are currently rolling out a new clinical technology system to fully digitise;

Pathology - investigating the causes of illness and how it progresses; carrying out tests on tissue, blood and other samples from patients. Pathology plays a crucial role in helping clinicians choose the best type of treatment for patients and monitoring its effectiveness.

Radiology – diagnosing and treating of conditions; carrying out investigations through imaging techniques such as x-ray, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy and using interventions such as radiotherapy, angioplasty and nuclear medicine to treat patients.

Our Fertility Centre is one of the best in the country. Our fetal medicine centre receives regional and national referrals and we are home to the West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory - the largest of its type in Europe – and collaborate with clinical colleagues from a variety of medical specialties across the West Midlands region.

We’re also proud to be an international centre for clinical education, research and development with a research budget of more than £3 million per year.