BWC provides a wide range of services to women, children and young people across Birmingham and the region. Without skilled and dedicated managers to lead and run it, we would not be able to treat and care for our patients and families.

Our management teams ensure that our staff have what they need (equipment, appropriate staffing, pharmaceuticals etc) to deliver effective patient care through the successful planning and delivery of services and resources. They have several responsibilities including engaging with frontline staff and other professionals, working with local partners and health agencies as well as looking at how best to deliver key services.

Typically our senior managers are responsible for:

  • setting priorities
  • planning for future development
  • ensuring funding is best spent to deliver high-quality services 
  • ensuring good governance and audit 
  • leading programmes aimed at improving health services to patients
  • link with counterparts in the local area to ensure partnership working
  • providing staff and patients with appropriate feedback mechanisms and listening to concerns
  • developing a positive culture

We support management and leadership training, and provide many routes to develop and grow your career, for example through management apprenticeships. Many of our management have participated in regional and national courses delivered by the national NHS Leadership Academy.

Senior Management