A patient on our Cardiac ward

Cardiac services

Our world-renowned cardiology unit is one of the largest and busiest in the country, delivering innovative specialist care to children with congenital heart disease. We provide services for patients from newborn infants, right through to adolescence. While some defects can be managed within a specific period of care, others may require a lifetime of treatment.

We primarily treat children from across the West Midlands as well as the United Kingdom and internationally.

Heart Outpatients

Heart Outpatients assesses and treats more than 12,000 patients a year at around 25 clinics every week. These clinics are for both new patients and those requiring follow-up from a previous appointment or hospital admission.

In addition to this, we run a number of specialist clinics for patients with certain heart conditions and those requiring pacemaker checks and device downloads.

Ward 11 (infant cardiac)

The Cardiac Unit is one of the largest in the UK. On Ward 11 we care for neonates and infants with a range of congenital heart defects and cardiac conditions.

Our aim is to provide high-quality care and to go above and beyond the standards set out by the Department of Health.

All babies on this ward are less than one-year-old. Some stay for just a short time but others may need to be here longer.

The babies sleep in a cot with a mobile and you are also welcome to bring their toys or teddies from home. You will usually share a bay with one other family.

Parents can stay at the bedside all day and night and may be able to stay in our Parent Accommodation area or Ronald McDonald House (subject to availability).

There is also a breastfeeding room on the ward and a parents' room where families can rest and make themselves something to eat and drink.

Contact: 0121 333 9112

Ward 12 (cardiac)

A patient on Ward 12

Ward 12 is our cardiac ward for children having problems with their heart.

If you come to the ward, you are likely to have a bed in a large bay with other children.

Parents can stay at the bedside all day and night, if they wish to and may be able to stay in our Parent Accommodation area or Ronald McDonald House (subject to availability).

Our Ward 12 play room is called 'The Den' and has lots of toys as well as a TV and games consoles.

If parents want to have a cup of tea or coffee or get something to eat, there is a kitchen with a fridge and a microwave for them to use and they can eat or drink sitting next to your bed.

Contact: 0121 333 9122

Contact details

Outpatients reception: 0121 333 9402

Heart Investigation Unit reception: 0121 333 9422

Outpatients clinic: 0121 333 9403