Children with Medical Complexities Team (CMiC Team)

The Children with Medical Complexities Team is a unique paediatric multi-disciplinary service, which supports the most medically complex children, from hospital to home. Our patients have multiple professionals involved in their care, both in hospital and out in the community.

Our aim is to ensure that the needs of the children and families we see and treat are addressed on a health, social and holistic level. We offer support in ensuring all services required are set up, or referrals have been made to the relevant teams and addressed.

Who we treat

We treat any patient, aged 0-18, that has a long term condition and two or more specialities involved, as well as one or more of the following: 

  • Challenge in co-ordinating clinical care 
  • Vulnerable family e.g. parenting capacity/parental illness
  • Unresolved housing issues, which is anticipated to be a barrier to discharge 
  • Unresolved immigration issues 
  • Anticipated on-going care needed upon discharge 
  • Technology dependant/specialist equipment needs excluding nasogastric (ng)/gastrostomy (gt) feeds and parenteral (pn) alone

The team 

Our service is made up of two general paediatric consultants, who have specialist interests in children with medical complexities. Two paediatric nurses, a family support worker and an administrator. Our team works with families to try and improve their patient experience and journey. We strive to prevent delays by early intervention and implementation of services.
Working alongside our team, we have a five year partnership with Shelter. The role of Shelter is to support families where housing is a significant barrier or anticipated barrier to discharge.  


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