Our Craniofacial unit is one of four UK specialist units which treats children, young people and adults with a very rare group of conditions which affect the growth of the skull and face.

These conditions usually require surgery which involves several different specialist surgeons and doctors, each combining their skills to provide the highest quality treatment at the same time. This joint approach means we can offer treatments that are innovative and proven to result in a successful outcome for children and their families.

Our team

Our team also includes a number of highly-specialised and experienced nurses and therapists who offer support, advice and training for families and local medical/community services, to ensure the child or young person is able to get all the help they need, not just in hospital but before treatment and long afterwards if required.

We work closely with colleagues in the other three UK centres (Alder Hey in Liverpool, John Radcliffe in Oxford and Great Ormond Street in London), to make sure we are always offering the highest standards of quality in both our treatments and care.

We carry out two to three operations a week on children with these conditions and monitor them to assess their development throughout a large part of their childhood. A small group of our young people have issues which will require longer follow up and we continue to see them when they become adults in our sister department at the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.


Knowing or worrying that your child has a condition affecting their health is a very difficult thing to cope with so if you ever have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us on 0121 333 8073.