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Our Haematology department looks at blood samples from children and young people from across the hospital. This could be to check things like the level of haemoglobin in the blood (anaemia), or to see whether all the different types of blood cells are present in the amounts they should be and are working properly. We also work very closely with the Oncology department in treating children and young people with cancer.

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0121 333 9282

Blood and bone marrow transplant

We provide comprehensive care to children and young people requiring bone marrow, cord blood or peripheral blood stem cell transplants. We offer services to those patients for whom transplantation may provide a long-term cure. In our transplant unit we perform transplants for a wide variety of disorders such as:

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Haemoglobinopathies
  • Bone marrow failure syndromes
  • High-risk leukaemia

We perform a varied range of transplant procedures from matched related family donors to αβ+ T and B cells depleted haploidentical transplants. A team of transplant physicians, specialist paediatric doctors, nursing team, an apheresis team and other specialists work together to give your child the best possible chance of a cure.


Haemoglobinopathy looks at proteins in the blood when these are abnormal and are causing disease.

We see children as outpatients in our own outpatients department, as well as working on the wards in the hospital, especially our cancer ward.

Contact details
0121 333 8688 or 0121 333 8861

Haemostasis and thrombosis

Our haemostasis and thrombosis team looks after children and young people with bleeding and clotting disorders.


Our leukaemia team look after children and young people with leukaemia - a type of blood cancer which affects the white blood cells, which are an important for helping us to fight infection. People with leukaemia produce abnormal white blood cells that can prevent the production of other important blood cells.