James Brindley School

James Brindley School at our Children's Hospital

Infants classroom at our school Did you know that our Children’s Hospital has its own school? James Brindley School is one of the largest hospital schools in the world. We are a team of approximately 30 fully qualified and experienced teaching and support staff. Our school can be found on the ground floor of the hospital and has its own primary and secondary classrooms.

Our school was judged to be good with outstanding features in our most recent OFSTED report.

The length of time pupils spend with us is dependent upon their medical needs and varies from short stays to much longer ones. We understand that this can be a worrying time for pupils and parents or carers, and recognise the importance of good educational provision and the role it plays in trying to normalise a child’s life during their hospital stay as we believe ‘every child matters, every moment counts’.

What we do

Secondary classroom at our school We provide education for all children and young people from reception to post-16, who are receiving treatment within the hospital. Our teachers work in conjunction with their own school teachers from home, whether they are from a mainstream or special needs school. Throughout the year we take our pupils on school trips, just like any other school.

If pupils are well enough to come to school they will be taught in the classrooms but if for whatever reason they cannot, then they will be seen by James Brindley staff on the ward. Every member of staff wears a school badge with their name on. All the teachers are used to working with children who are sick. We know what it takes to get children interested in learning, even if they're not feeling well. We follow the National Curriculum and ensure that lessons are interesting and fun. Depending on how well the pupils are, we can even facilitate exams including Key Stages 1 and 2, GCSE and A Levels.

If upon discharge pupils are still too unwell to attend their own school for longer than three weeks, we will work with the medical staff to make a home teaching referral so they may be taught at home until well enough to return to their own school.

Contact details

0121 333 8792

Information for professionals

We are available to attend patient MDT meetings to discuss the education they have received from JBS while being an inpatient. Having our very own special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) we can advise medical staff on Education, Health and Care Plans, Special Education Needs, People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and many other barriers to learning which patients may be experiencing.

About James Brindley School

James Brindley School is not just based at the Children's Hospital - the school delivers education across 11 sites including hospitals and teaching centres throughout the Birmingham area as well as centres for autism, social, emotional and mental health needs.


Rocket-Arts James Brindley School is working in collaboration with the Community & Applied Drama laboratory (CADLab) at Newman University Birmingham to bring ‘Rocket-Arts’ on tour to the wards.

‘RocketArts’ is an interactive bedside theatre project that uses storytelling with Playmobil toys and digital technology. It brings applied theatre facilitators, puppeteers, hospital teachers, play specialists, nurses and other professionals together to create stories about Simba the dog who goes on adventures in a spaceship, together with a friend. It encourages children’s communication, creativity and engagement with literacy during their stay in hospital. If you see a blue space rocket landing during your stay in our hospital, then, you will know that Rocket-Arts have arrived on your ward.

RocketArts is mainly funded by BBC Children in Need and The Lottery Community Fund. For more information, you may visit the link: https://www.newman.ac.uk/knowledge-base/cadlab/