Are you pregnant and received a positive Covid-19 test result?

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Coronavirus and your pregnancy

We understand that you will be worried about the impact of coronavirus on your pregnancy and your baby; that’s natural. To try and help we’ve pulled together information about coronavirus, your pregnancy care and changes we have made to maternity services during the coronavirus outbreak in to a leaflet – Coronavirus and your pregnancy[pdf] 2MBThis leaflet is also available in Arabic,  BengaliUrdu and Somalian. 

If you need to stay with us overnight we will test your for COVID-19. Find out more about pre-admission testing on our dedicated page.

We also have a dedicated COVID-19 hotline available Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm on 0121 335 8234. Our friendly midwives are on hand to answer any questions you might have about your maternity care during COVID-19. The helpline is available for you to discuss changes we have made to the care we provide, to ensure your safety during pregnancy, birth and after you have your baby. We can also offer advice on what you can expect when coming into our hospital.

If you still have any further questions you can also get in touch with you community midwife.

It’s really important that if you have any concerns during your pregnancy (such as stomach pains, bleeding, reduced/changed movements) you don’t hesitate in contacting our Maternity Triage on 03000 201 201, as well as obviously getting in touch at the onset of labour.

This video is also available in Mirpruri.

If you would like futher information on coronavirus and pregnancy you can also see this document from the NHS: Pregnancy and coronavirus

Coronavirus FAQs

Can I bring by boyfriend/husband/partner to my scan or antenatal appointment?

We have now introduced screening for partners so that they can attend the 20 week scan. For more information please see our COVID-19 20 week can testing page.

Where it is not possible for partners to be present for the scan we are now running a 'virtual attendance' pilot. You can find out more about 'virtual attendance' here.

How many birth partners can I have?

You can have one birth partner with you for the labour and birth. This includes caesarean section. 

Are visitors allowed after the birth?

Your birthing partner can stay for the remainder of the visiting hours in the delivery suite, but once you are transferred to the postnatal ward, they will need to return home and won’t be able to return as a visitor the next day. We're very sorry but these measures are necessary to keep our patients and staff safe.

Am I still supposed to attend my antenatal/scan appointment?

Unless you have been contacted by telephone or letter to let you know otherwise, please attend your appointment as usual.

Are elective c-sections still going ahead?

Elective c-sections are still going ahead.

Can my partner come into theatre with me for my elective c-section?

Your partner will be able to attend your c-section procedure. Once you are transferred to the postnatal ward however, they will not be able to return as a visitor the following day. We're very sorry but these measures are necessary to keep our patients and staff safe. 

Will all vaccinations still be going along as normal?

Yes vaccinations will be administered as normal.

How soon can I be discharged from hospital following the birth of my baby?

If you have had an uncomplicated elective C-section you should be able to go home within 24 hours if all is well. If you have a normal birth, you should be able to go home within four to six hours and if you have an assisted birth you will be able to go home within twelve hours, as long as there are no complications.

I am worried about coming into hospital in case I contract the virus

Please feel assured that hospital birth is safe. We are following national guidance regarding transmission of the virus and all staff have been provided with the required personal protective equipment to keep both you and them safe.

Can my partner visit me on the ward?

We have currently stopped all visiting on the postnatal and antenatal wards.

I want to breast feed my baby, should I still do this?

All the latest evidence suggests that breast feeding your baby is safe and the virus has not been detected as yet in breast milk.

My 28 week scan was cancelled, will I be able to have it soon?

Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone or cancel some scans, but we are now back in a position where we are carrying out 28 week scans.

Will I be tested for COVID-19?

If you need to stay overnight on our units you will be tested for COVID-19. Find out more on our dedicated pre-admission testing page.

Maternity service

As one of the busiest maternity departments in the UK we take pride in welcoming over 8,000 babies into the world each year.

With the highest standards of healthcare quality and safety, we put you at the centre of your maternity care. It’s important to us that you make decisions about your pregnancy journey and how you want to give birth so that it’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Your care

We provide professional and caring support to thousands of families each year. From the day you find out you are pregnant, we will be there for you and your family, helping you choose how you want to have your baby and how you want to be cared for along the way.

We will offer you a series of antenatal appointments with a midwife, or sometimes an obstetrician - a doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth. We’ll be with you when you need us throughout your maternity journey.

The team

Our team of experienced midwives, consultant obstetricians and healthcare professionals are on hand to answer all your questions, no matter how big or small, and to help you through your pregnancy and birth. Your care is usually provided by midwives who will sometimes work together with doctors to ensure you have the care you need.

You will have a choice of where you would like to have your baby depending on your preference and specific needs. Whether you choose a homebirth or our Delivery Suite we will be by your side every step of the way.