The Neonatal Surgical Outreach Service

The Neonatal Surgical Outreach Service is provided by three specialist surgical nurses who work alongside the consultant surgeons to support staff caring for babies that need or have had surgery at either the Women’s or the Children’s Hospital.

The aim of the service is to enable babies requiring surgery to follow a pathway which will ensure that they are cared for in the most appropriate place and as close to home as possible.

If your antenatal scan suggests that your baby may have a problem which requires surgery, you will be given an opportunity to visit the Children’s Hospital before the birth of your child. You will meet with a surgeon and surgical outreach nurse so that you can ask questions about the future treatment plan and also to visit the ward where your baby will be admitted to.

A baby who needs surgery will be transferred from the Neonatal Unit to the Children’s Hospital for the operation. After surgery, when your baby is ready, they may be transferred to the Women’s Hospital or back to either your local Neonatal Unit or Paediatric Ward.  Some babies will be moved to another ward within the Children’s Hospital. Where your baby is moved to will depend on what care your baby requires and they will continue to be seen by the Surgical Outreach Service if needed.

The Neonatal Surgical Outreach Team 

Louise Lawrence - Junior Sister     
Tracey Hill - Junior sister 

The team work from 8.00am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday and provide support and advice to hospitals across the West Midlands caring for babies that need or have had surgery.