Surgery at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Paediatric Surgery and Urology

Supported by a dedicated team of medical secretaries and specialist nurses, our 13 consultant surgeons manage a range of general and specialist paediatric surgery and urology at the Children's Hospital.

Our main wards are the Neonatal Surgical Ward, Ward 9, Ward 1 and Surgical Daycare, with most of our surgical work done in Theatre 5, the Laparoscopic Theatre and the Day Case Surgical Unit (Theatre 10). In addition, we are supported by the largest paediatric intensive care unit in Europe.

In paediatric surgery, we perform around 3,200 operations and see 9,900 outpatients a year. In urology, we carried out more than 1,600 operations and saw 7,800 outpatients in the clinic.


The Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology provides specialist surgical treatment for newborn babies and children with conditions that are present at birth (congenital) and that appear later in life (acquired).

Keyhole surgery

We are a leading UK centre for keyhole surgery for problems in the abdomen, chest and kidney, along with other conditions in babies, infants and children. This includes keyhole surgery in babies who have been born with gullet (oesophagus) and diaphragm conditions. The majority of our keyhole surgery takes place in our integrated (OR1) theatre.

Cancer, urology and thoracic surgery

We are a leading centre for cancer (oncology), urology and thoracic surgery and are one of the biggest centres in the UK for surgery in babies, infants and children.


Our urology team manages the full spectrum of paediatric genito-urinary conditions except for bladder and cloacal exstrophy. Our surgeons undertake keyhole surgery in infants and children to correct kidney and bladder problems. We are one of the busiest paediatric urology services in the UK and a number of our consultants also perform kidney transplants.

General surgery

Alongside specialist surgery, we also undertake general surgery including procedures for hernias and appendicitis. We host the West Midlands General Paediatric Surgery Network, linking us with other hospitals in the West Midlands which perform surgery on children, ensuring that we are all providing high-quality care.

Contact Us

Email address for Paediatric Surgery and Urology:

Appointment queries: 0121 333 8094

Paediatric Surgery secretaries:

Mr Arul's secretary: 0121 333 8084

Mr Gee's secretary: 0121 333 8947

Mr Jester's secretary: 0121 333 8076

Mr Lander's secretary: 0121 333 8079

Mr Pachl's secretary: 0121 333 9381

Mr Patel's secretary: 0121 333 9381

Mr Singh's secretary: 0121 333 8183

Mr Soccorso's secretary: 0121 333 8076

Colorectal nurse's secretary: 0121 333 8068

Urology secretaries: 

Mr Chandran's secretary: 0121 333 8068

Mr McCarthy's secretary: 0121 333 8110

Mr Robb's secretary: 0121 333 8082

Miss Van der Merwe's secretary: 0121 333 9386

Miss Wragg's secretary: 0121 333 9386