Neurophysiology studies how the brain and peripheral nerves function in order to diagnose and monitor neurological disorders.

Our department investigates the cases of more than 2,000 patients every year and helps with the diagnosis of neurological and non-neurological conditions to help clinicians and surgeons deliver the best quality of care possible. We will help children with many conditions ranging from epilepsy to disorders of nerves and muscles, as well as measuring if the brain has been affected by infections, disorders of liver or kidney and monitor the effect of any medication on brain function.


We are located on the ground floor of our Children's hospital, near to Ward 2 and next to Medical Day Care.

Opening hours

Our department is open from 8.00am-4.00pm Monday to Friday. We have an emergency out of hours service which is available on Sunday morning between 8.00am – 11.00am. Please contact switchboard if you require this service.

Contact details

Shellie Reeves, Office Manager
0121 333 9260
Follow us on Twitter @bch_neurophys

Peter Bill, Head of Department
0121 333 9264