The West Midlands Regional Genetics Laboratory is a UKAS Accredited Medical Laboratory number 8176.  The scope of our accreditation can be seen here.

There may be instances where an accredited test is performed outside the scope of accreditation. Currently FISH tests for the following gene regions/rearrangements have exceeded the manufacturer’s expiry date and are performed outside the scope of accreditation; however, the test is performed to the same internal quality control standards and procedures:

ALK, FUS, MLL/MLLT1, MLL/AFF1, PAX3, PAX7, RB1, SS18 (SYT), UBE3A, EWSR1/ERG, FLI1/EWSR1, MALT1, MYB, NUP214/DEK, NUP98, NUP98/NSD1, SNRPN, ELN, 1p36, CBFB and Centromeres 2, 3, 4, 9, 15, 16, 18, 20 and whole chromosome paints.

For further information please contact the laboratory on 0121 335 8036.

Quality control

Accreditation with UKAS implies the department has a quality management system and participates in appropriate internal quality control and external quality assessment schemes. UKAS assesses against BS EN ISO15189:2012. The department is a member of voluntary quality assessment schemes within the UK NEQAS consortium and EMQN which monitors our analytical and interpretative performance, and ensures that our clients and patients get a high quality service. We participate in all aspects of the schemes that relate to services offered in this department, and contribute to pilot schemes when appropriate. Due to the wide variety of diseases covered by genetics laboratories, the schemes offered and diseases covered vary from year to year.

Turnarounds times

Our Turnaround times can be found at here.


The department is committed to a process of continual improvement in the quality of its services and welcomes comments and suggestions on ways to improve its services.

Nigel Coles
Quality Manager
Tel: 0121 335 8034