What does this treatment mean?

Eggs from a donor are fertilised with your partner’s or donor sperm and transferred to your womb.

Where do donors come from?

We recruit egg donors, but there is high demand, and you may need to wait up 18 months for a suitable donor who matches your characteristics. This may be longer depending on your specific requirements.

Alternatively, you may ask a friend or relative to donate their eggs, either directly to you or anonymously to someone else on the waiting list. You will then automatically go to the top of the waiting list for the next suitable anonymous donor.

Treatment with donor eggs

The fertility tests that we do include tests to check on the ovarian egg store. You will be offered a follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) test, which measures the amount of FSH in a blood sample and in addition, you may be offered an anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test to check on your store of eggs. If the egg store is low, then donor egg treatment may be an option for you. We have a specialist team to remove the complexities of donor egg treatment and guide you through a step-by-step and effective treatment pathway.

Egg donation may be suitable for women who:

  • Have had an early menopause
  • Have no ovaries or had them removed
  • Have had cancer treatment which has damaged the ovaries
  • Are producing few or low quality eggs
  • Have a high risk of passing on an inherited disorder