Ward 8 (liver and small bowel)

Ward 8 is our liver and small bowel ward at our Children's Hospital. We are internationally renowned for liver and small bowel transplants. In fact, only two other hospitals in this country carry out liver transplants on children and young people and only one other does small bowel transplants.

When you come to Ward 8, you will either be given your own bedroom or you will share a bay with other children.

Because we care for babies, children and teenagers from all over the UK, as well as from across Europe, you have a great opportunity to make new friends. We have a number of facilities on the ward including: 

  • A play room – where children on the ward are able to play together or on their own
  • An adolescent room – where teenagers are welcome to relax and enjoy some time-out
  • A parent’s room - where parents and family members can make themselves a drink and something to eat, we also offer the use of our washing machine and tumble dryer

Parents can stay at the bedside all day and night and may be able to stay in our Parent Accommodation area or Ronald McDonald House (subject to availability). If doctors want to talk to parents about your treatment, there are two counselling rooms where they can speak privately.

Contact: 0121 333 9066