Ambulatory gynaecology care

For many people, it is possible to have a procedure in a clinic setting while you are awake. This is known as ambulatory care. The procedures undertaken in an ambulatory setting are considered minor procedures and are most effective as an outpatient procedure, minimising where possible the anxiety associated with a theatre admission.

The types of procedures include minor surgery to correct an abnormal condition detected during a diagnostic or operative hysteroscopy, cystoscopies and removal of small polyps.

The benefits of opting to have a procedure in an ambulatory care setting include quicker recovery time at home, avoiding the need for a general anaesthetic and a less invasive method of treatment.


Our unit is nationally and internationally renowned as a provider of friendly, professional services to women with abnormal cervical smear results. In addition to the provision of expert services to patients, the unit also conducts research into pre-invasive disease of the cervix and is a valuable training resource for junior medical staff and nurses.

A colposcopy is an internal investigation, using a colposcope, to closely examine the cervix and vagina of women who have had an abnormal smear. It helps to determine any required treatment and further monitoring.


Hysteroscopy is a procedure that enables an internal examination of women with abnormal bleeding from the uterus and is carried out by a consultant or specialist nurse hysteroscopist.

We offer a service which is dedicated to menstrual disorders, and advances in medicine allow us to diagnose most conditions in one visit to the clinic. The ‘one-stop-clinic’ is able to offer a see-and-treat method, where patients with minor problems are seen, treated and discharged as quickly as possible.

We also have high-quality equipment and training aids that we use to help in the teaching of many complex procedures.