Gynaecology FAQs

Struggling to find the answers you need? We answer the most commonly asked questions about Gynaecology.

I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment

To cancel or reschedule, please call the number listed in your letter to speak to someone and to arrange a new appointment time/date.

What do I do if I’ve received a cancellation letter?

Please wait for a new appointment which will have been rebooked for you by our team.

I have been referred by my GP

Your referral can take several weeks to be triaged and directed appropriately by clinical staff. If your symptoms get significantly worse, please see your GP and request an urgent appointment.

My GP advised my referral, but it has been rejected

Our clinicians review all the referrals shared with them and appropriately triage them. This may mean that the service or clinic you were referred to is not the right one for you, please speak to your GP about this. Completion of your referral through the GP needs to be accurate for you.

I’m seeking fertility care

If you are seeking a Fertility appointment, you will likely need to be seen as a new Gynaecology Outpatients patient first – you will then be referred by this doctor to our Fertility team. For most of our patients, you will not hear from the Fertility team in the first instance.

I’m waiting to hear about an appointment/I have a clinical enquiry about my care.

You can speak with your consultant’s medical secretary by calling: 0121 335 8102 and selecting option 2.

I’d like to know more about Menopause services

You may find it interesting to review our dedicated page about your care. Please see Menopause service for any queries or concerns.

I have been waiting longer than 18 weeks for an operation. What are my options?

The NHS constitution says you have the right to access certain NHS services within maximum waiting times or, if this is not possible, for the NHS to take all reasonable steps to offer you a range of suitable alternative providers. However, the pandemic may be limiting these alternative services.

I’d like to know more about Endometriosis

For more information, please visit our dedicated Endometriosis page.

How long can I expect to be waiting?

Some of our services have up to an 18-month waiting list. Our Booking Office and our PALS team are not able to change this. Your care is reviewed by a clinical team, and you are graded in line with the appropriate care needed.

Where can I find help when waiting/managing a long-term condition?

We recommend using the NHS website for more information about managing symptoms. If your symptoms are getting work, please see your GP.

How can I transfer my care to another hospital?

Your GP can refer you to another hospital. However, please be aware you will still be looking at a waiting list whichever Trust you choose to be seen by.

Can I change my consultant?

Any patient is welcome to change their consultant should they wish to do so. However, we must stress that this will not necessarily improve the waiting time of an appointment.

My symptoms have got worse, what shall I do?

You need to speak with your GP in the first instance, if your symptoms have worsened, the GP can update our clinicians here on your current situation.

Why have I been cancelled multiple times?

We are booking four months ahead to ensure patients have as much notice as possible, unfortunately, we cannot predict consultant sickness or annual leave requests.  

I received my appointment letter after my appointment

We are sorry; we use Royal Mail to deliver letters and the service is impacted by strikes. If you have missed your appointment because you didn’t know please let the medical secretaries know, and we will book you in the next available slot.

Why does no one answer the phone?

Due to staffing shortages, we have had to reduce the amount of time our phone lines are open, please be assured if you leave a message, we will get back to you.