Our team of audiologists provides a comprehensive, family-friendly, diagnostic and habilitative audiology service for babies and children from birth to 16 years. We have particular expertise in assessing children who are difficult to test and provide a reactive service for a child with a hearing loss.

Our paediatric audiology service is known for its multi-disciplinary work which follows a holistic approach that takes into account clinical, environmental, social and personal elements. We actively encourage parental involvement, including the use of individual management plans produced and monitored in conjunction with parents. We see patients requiring specialist rehabilitation to include tinnitus management, hyperacusis and advice regarding auditory processing disorders.

We boast one of the largest paediatric Bone Anchored Hearing Implant (BAHI) services in Europe and accept referrals for BAHI from all over the region.

We are known for our success in improving access for children and families, by providing an outreach clinic service at Birmingham Women’s Hospital and Allens Croft Children’s Centre.

The department is also a recognised provider of training for university and post graduate qualification students, during their placement period.

Opening times and location

The Audiology department is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm. We’re located in Main Outpatients, at the Children's Hospital.

Please note: some clinics for this department are held off-site at Allens Croft Children’s Centre and Maas Road Child and Family Centre. Please check your appointment letter if you are unsure where your appointment will be.

Contact details

Telephone number: 0121 333 9360.