Preparing for your Audiology appointment

Audiology appointments

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so that you have plenty of time to check into our out patients department which is located on the ground floor. On arrival our clerical staff will check your details prior to you being called by the Audiologists. If you cannot attend the appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that your appointment slot can be given to another patient. You can make changes to your appointment/arrange an interpreter by calling us on 0121 333 9366. Where possible please do not bring any other small children with you to the appointment as this can distract your child during their appointment.

Please remember to switch off your mobile phone when you go into Audiology. Mobile phones can interfere with some of the equipment we use in our department.


Your child may have been referred to Audiology due to concerns about your child’s hearing, speech/ language or general development. Many professionals like to rule out a hearing loss when providing a diagnosis. Our Audiologists work closely with all professionals within the trust and community to ensure the best care is provided. Our paediatric Audiologists will ensure that you are comfortable during the appointment and kept informed throughout. If your child is attending Audiology for a hearing assessment their results will be discussed on the day and a follow up plan will be arranged if required. Any reports typed will be sent to you parents/guardians, GP and any other professionals involved in your child’s care.

Our Audiologists also provide care plans for those using hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids and assistive listening devices. All products provided are upgraded routinely to ensure your child is aided with the best technology available. These devices are very expensive so we do ask for all products to be cared for and not lost (if possible). Any concerns about hearing aids lost or broken should be reported immediately on 0121 333 9360 or discussed with your child’s Audiologist if attending the hospital